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Men You must know the dangers of kidney stones in men Be sure,know,harm,male,kidney stones,count October 13, 2019

1. Local injury

For small and mobile stones, local tissue damage is only slight; larger and antler-shaped stones can produce fibrous tissue proliferation, neutrophils, ulcers and lymphocyte infiltration, leading to renal fibrosis and pelvic and calyceal epithelial cell exfoliation.

2. Kidney damage

Long-term kidney stones can cause hydronephrosis, dysuria, excessive pressure on the upper part of the obstruction, reduced renal blood flow, renal atrophy, reduced renal function, tubular necrosis, or even loss of renal function.

3. Urinary obstruction

Urinary obstruction is not only the main cause of secondary renal damage, but also the most common secondary renal stone damage. Urinary tract obstruction can cause hydrocele above the obstruction site. Kidney stones can lead to excessive pressure on the upper part of the obstruction, prolonged hydronephrosis, obstruction of urination, reduction of renal blood flow and other hazards.

For kidney stone, a common disease, its harm is still very great. Kidney is a very important internal organ of the body, and no minor problems are allowed. Because the embankment of thousands of miles is destroyed in the ant's nest, and three feet of ice is not a day's cold. Patients still need to go to a professional hospital for thorough treatment of the disease, in order to prevent future illness. Urinary calculi can be seen in any part of the kidney, bladder, ureter and urethra. Urinary calculi are one of the common urological diseases. Male patients with urinary diseases are more common than females. After urinary tract obstruction and infection caused by urinary calculi, the damage to renal function is greater, and the impact on the whole body is more serious, which can seriously endanger life. Hospital experts: Generally speaking, small stones, less than 4 mm can be discharged by drug treatment, and more than 6 mm self-discharging opportunity is less, the higher the position of the stones, the smaller the chance of discharging. Minimally invasive surgery is recommended.

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