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Men What's the problem of men's low back pain and how to alleviate its symptoms Backache,symptoms,relief,how,what's the back pain,what's the matter,man October 13, 2019

1. Long-term standing work leads to lumbar muscle strain

If your job requires long-term standing, such as salesmen, hairdressers, teachers, waiters, etc., long-term, sustained standing will weaken our waist tendon and ligament stretching ability, resulting in excessive accumulation of local lactic acid, the normal metabolism of lumbar muscles will be inhibited after causing low back pain. In addition, if you often carry heavy loads, such as porters, the burden on the waist is very heavy. If you do this for a long time, you are prone to scoliosis and lumbar muscle strain.

2. Overwork

Modern people live under great pressure. Although modern women are relatively independent, men are still the pillars of their families. They work very hard to earn money to support their families. Overtime staying up late is a common occurrence. Insufficient sleep and irregular diet can easily lead to chronic fatigue. If they do not pay attention to rest and maintenance, they will easily suffer from low back pain. Low back pain symptoms will become more and more serious, leading to the emergence of some diseases.

3. Sitting Posture

Contrary to those who have been working on standing for a long time, some people work on sitting for a long time, which is more comfortable than standing, but if they do not pay attention to the sitting posture, it is easy to have low back pain. Ancient people pay attention to sitting and standing postures, but people's sitting postures are various, many people are bent, or lean on chairs, these wrong postures sit for a long time, the problem of low back pain will naturally come, in order to alleviate the low back pain of long-sitting people, first of all, to learn the correct sitting posture.

4. kidney deficiency

Speaking of men's low back pain, many people may think of kidney deficiency, because kidney deficiency is the most obvious manifestation of low back pain. Men's kidney deficiency is mostly related to sexual life, excessive indulgence is the main reason, so if it is kidney deficiency and low back pain, we should pay attention to tonifying the kidney, eat more black food, and control the number of sexual life. In addition, besides low back pain, kidney deficiency also has symptoms such as low sexual desire, impotence, spermatorrhea, loss of appetite and fatigue.

5. Urinary system infection

Male urinary system infection can also cause low back pain, chlamydia, mycoplasma are the causes of urinary infection, mainly for low back pain, lumbar acid, severe pain will radiate to the perineum, while there are urinary pain, urinary frequency and other symptoms, male urinary infection if not treated in time, will cause cystitis, prostatitis and other diseases, serious will lead to infertility, therefore, male urine. Urine infection should be treated in time. In addition, urinary calculi, tuberculosis and other diseases can also lead to men's low back pain.

6. Lumbar diseases

Lumbar spine disease is a common cause of low back pain, such as lumbar disc herniation, spinal injury, lumbar spinal stenosis, etc., will directly lead to low back pain.

7. kidney stones

This cause is relatively ignored, kidney stones can cause low back pain, and unlike ordinary low back pain, kidney stones caused by low back pain generally above the waist, the location is higher, when stones are inactive, the performance of incidental pain, when stones are active, the pain is more intense, serious patients dare not stand.

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