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Men Don't take suffocation for granted. Men's suffocation is harmful. Suffocation,harm,thing,improper,don't take it,man October 13, 2019

Influencing renal function

In fact, this is not difficult to understand. Men hold their urine on their bodies and refrain from shooting. Little do they know that urine contains a large number of bacteria, which is a form of human detoxification. This means that male friends leave toxins on their bodies. Bacterial infections then form urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections spread upward and reach the kidney. Therefore, it will affect male kidney function. Many male kidney deficiency is also caused by this reason.

Induced cystitis

Urine stored in the bladder, will undoubtedly increase the burden of the bladder, human body organs and machinery have a certain degree of pressure. Stored urine can erode the bladder lining, which can cause cystitis.

urinary incontinence

Many people have this feeling in their lives. If you want to go to the toilet when you go to bed at night, but you are lazy to get up and go to bed, and you want to sleep a little longer, you will fall asleep again. But at this point, if you are in a dream, dream about the toilet or hear the sound of water, you may wet the bed. This is the human spiritual factor, if long-term urination, want to endure and fear urine can not help but come out, over time will induce a kind of spiritual enuresis, such as see the toilet, hear the sound of water, the body will not consciously start to urinate.

Influencing male sexual function

Men's reproductive organs are linked together. If something goes wrong in this part, it will affect the function of other parts. If the function of this part is infected by bacteria, the bacteria may spread to other parts. Men often suffocate urine will make the nerves here bear too much pressure, nerve block, spread to other parts, will directly affect the male sexual function, and even induce male sexual apathy and so on.

Beware of prostatitis

Many men after 40 years of age, because of age, not a few men will have prostatitis, but urinary bladder is a common cause of prostatitis. Suffocation of urine in the body can cause the contraction of the glands in the prostate of men, causing congestion of the prostate and so on, resulting in increased pressure on the male reproductive organs. Accompanied by frequent urination, urgency and so on. It is harmful to male friends. Therefore, male friends try not to hold their urine in their daily life.

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