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Men How many ways can premature ejaculation be cured? Tell,method,how big,what to eat,medicine,cure,premature ejaculation October 13, 2019

1. Changing Housekeeping Time

People usually arrange sex in the evening, but if you change it to wake up, the body fatigue has been relieved, the energy is strong, and then chew a piece of gum to flirt, I believe that the quality of roommates will be improved.

2. Men distract attention from sex/intercourse

For example, looking away from the woman, shifting penile/penile sensation to thinking about other issues, or even counting, will help delay/slow ejaculation/sperm.

3. Both spouses should learn and master the knowledge about sex correctly.

Understand the physiological/sexual differences in sexual reactions between men and women, eliminate misunderstandings, and properly grasp the necessity/necessity/skills in sex/life.

4. Occasionally, women should comfort, understand and care for their men if they happen to have premature discharge.

Gently and thoughtfully help the man overcome fear, tension and guilt. Never complain or blame the man.

5. Be loving/caressing and sucking in front of your roommate

It is easier to satisfy women's/sexual/requirement if they enter the excitement stage or even the platform stage first.

6. Wear a double-decker condom

It can reduce penile/penile sensitivity and prolong ejaculation/sperm time. Reduce the range and speed of the penis/penis/twitch, reduce the penis/penis/sex/stabbing/stimulation, while the woman takes the initiative to cater to the action, as soon as possible to achieve sexual/orgasm, in order to achieve mutual satisfaction.

7. Handle and coordinate interpersonal, family and marital relationships

Maintain a comfortable mood and strive to create a warm, good family atmosphere and quiet sexual environment. Don't be nervous or anxious every time you have sex or intercourse. The more nervous you are, the more you think about "Tonight can't be early / vent". As a result, it's easier to vent early / vent because of the reinforcement of psychological hints.

8. Active treatment

All kinds of organs/qualities/diseases that may cause premature/ejaculation can fundamentally avoid the occurrence of premature/ejaculation.

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