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Women There are five ways to help you regain your rosy complexion. Nourishing the blood and beautifying the face October 13, 2019

Some people often appear pale, which is caused by insufficient Qi and blood. Especially for female friends, insufficiency of Qi and blood is more common. Therefore, it is very important to replenish blood in time. So, what food should we eat to replenish blood?

Some foods in life, blood tonic effect is very good! For example, oysters, pigskin, let's take a look at the diet of these foods.

Two Dietary Therapeutic Prescriptions

1. Roasted oysters, health care skin

Ingredients: 250 g fresh oysters

Practice: Wash oysters first, marinate them with rice wine, salt, scallion and ginger for half an hour, then remove them; just cook them on fire. It can be eaten with meals.

Efficacy: Oyster contains protein, sugar, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements such as zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and other nutrients. It has good health function of nourishing the body and good effect on skin maintenance.

2. Stew pigskin to nourish yin and clear heat

Ingredients: 500g pigskin, appropriate amount of rice wine, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and salt


1. First remove the pigskin, wash it, cut it into strips and put it in a pot.

2. Add proper amount of water, onion, ginger and yellow rice wine, simmer over low heat; add salt and soy sauce when the skin is ripe.

3. Cease fire until the skin is ripe and the juice is thick. Pour it into a bowl and refrigerate it for later use. Serve with meals.

Efficacy: Pigskin collagen tissue is refined and hydrolyzed into gelatin, which is easily absorbed by human body. It can increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging.

What are the blood tonic foods?

1. Black Sesame

There is a general knowledge that black and red food are the most effective for nourishing blood.

Usually black food is used to tonify the kidney, which can help the kidney to store essence and qi. Kidney contains essence, spermatogenic marrow and marrow blood, so tonifying the kidney is the most important thing.

As for the red food, the theory originates from "shape complement, color complement".

Sesame enters the liver, kidney, lung and spleen meridians. It has the functions of invigorating blood, promoting eyesight, producing proficiency in breast and nourishing liver and hair. Sesame can promote the function of kidney blood generation, liver blood storage and spleen blood control.

2, red dates

Jujube nourishes the stomach and spleen, invigorates blood and tranquilizes the mind, nourishes the heart and lungs, harmonizes Yingwei, promotes the growth of body fluid, opens the orifices and helps the twelve meridians and collaterals. For anemia, facial whiteness, dysfunction of Qi and blood has a good nourishing effect.

3, lotus root

Lotus root is mild, fresh lotus root stops bleeding and ripe lotus root replenishes blood. Lotus root can clear heat and cool blood, stop bleeding and dissipate blood stasis when eaten raw, while cooked lotus root can invigorate spleen and stomach and nourish blood.

Patients with nose and mouth bleeding can take fresh lotus root juice urgently, which has the effect of rapid hemostasis. It is good for women to eat lotus root more, but it is not suitable for them to eat lotus root raw during menstruation and for those with cold dysmenorrhea. Diabetics should not cook lotus root or lotus root powder.

4. Carrots

Carrot enters the spleen-stomach meridian and lung meridian, which is a good food for tonifying blood and improving kidney deficiency.

It can not only invigorate blood and nourish liver, invigorate spleen and dissipate stagnation, and supplement middle and lower qi, but also improve the visual acuity and blindness caused by deficiency of liver and blood. For the spleen deficiency and food stagnation caused by indigestion and hiccup, also has a very good improvement.

5. Longan meat

Cinnamon is beneficial to the heart and spleen and invigorates blood and qi. It has curative effect on deficiency of qi, deficiency of heart and blood, palpitation and insomnia.

If the heart, temper and blood are deficient, the complexion is flawless, fatigue is weak, no appetite, stool runny, you can use longan and jujube together to cook porridge to supplement.

If memory loss, poor sleep, easy to feel fear, this is the manifestation of lack of blood, you can eat homemade longan ointment.

The method is as follows: cinnamon 500g, sugar 500g, cinnamon mashed, mixed with sugar, steamed into paste through water, served with warm boiling water in the morning and evening.

6, black beans

Black soybean can help kidney to produce marrow and blood, and can also enhance the function of spleen and stomach. Kidney deficiency, blood deficiency, eat more beneficial. Frequent consumption can prevent aging and enhance vitality.

7. Black chicken

Black chicken nourishes Yin and relieves deficiency and fever. And black chicken soup is suitable for those with deficiency of Yang and deficiency of both qi and blood, such as Ganwen, tonifying deficiency, nourishing yin and blood, and greatly tonifying qi and blood.

But don't eat too much, at most twice a month. Those who are prone to fire should not take it for a long time.

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