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Women Four dietary therapies for dysmenorrhea recommendation of four dietary therapies for dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea October 13, 2019

Women in menstruation or menstruation before and after the occurrence of lower abdominal pain, lumbar acid or lumbosacral pain, abdominal distension, and even severe pain, and can accompany nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, cold sweat dripping, cold hands and feet and other symptoms, which will seriously affect daily work, learning and health, such a situation is basically the majority of young women. Below we recommend several dietary prescriptions for dysmenorrhea, which can effectively help you alleviate dysmenorrhea problems.

1. Ginger, date and pepper soup

Material Science:Ginger 25 grams, date 30 grams, pepper 100 grams.

Practice:The ginger was peeled, washed and sliced. The date was washed and cored. The ginger and pepper were put into a pot together. The water was added to a bowl and a half. The remaining bowl was fried over gentle fire. The dregs were removed and the soup was left. Drink one dose a day.

Effect:This soup has the effect of warming and stopping pain. It is suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and has the function of cleaning skin.

2. Jiang Aiyiren porridge

Material Science:Ginger 10 grams, Aiye 10 grams, Coix seed 30 grams.

Practice:Add dried ginger and mugwort leaves to a proper amount of water and decoct them together. Then separate the dregs to get the juice and set aside. Coix seed is added to rice to cook porridge. When it's eight ripe, add separated juice to porridge, cook together, and you can eat it.

Effect:Jiang Ai coix seed porridge has the functions of removing blood stasis, dispelling cold and dehumidifying, which is suitable for dysmenorrhea of cold-dampness stagnation type.

3. Celery Beef Congee

Material Science:Japonica rice 100g, beef 50g, celery 1 root, a little salt.

Practice:Wash and mince celery with roots; wash and steamed beef and cut into fines. Wash the japonica rice and put it in the pot with celery powder. Add some water and cook porridge. When porridge is ripe, add cooked beef mince, cook slightly and season with salt.

Effect:Beef is rich in nutrients, has the functions of Tonifying the middle, nourishing the spleen and stomach, celery is rich in dietary fiber, both of which are suitable for dysmenorrhea.

IV. Soaking jujube with Leonurus heterophyllus

Material Science:Leonurus 20 grams, jujube 100 grams, brown sugar 20 grams.

Practice:Divide the Leonurus and jujube into two bowls, each with 650 ml water, and soak for half an hour. Pour the soaked Leonurus heterophyllus into a casserole, boil over high heat, boil over low heat for half an hour, and then filter with double gauze to get about 200 ml of liquid medicine for the first fry. Drug residue with 500 ml of water, decoction as before, get 200 ml of liquid medicine, for two decoction. Combine the two medicinal liquids, pour them into the boiling pot, add jujube to boil, pour them into the pot, add brown sugar to dissolve, and soak for half an hour.

Effect:Leonurus heterophyllus can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, jujube can supplement blood and nourish blood. The combination of the two has the effect of warming menstruation and nourishing blood, removing blood stasis and relieving pain. It is suitable for dysmenorrhea of blood deficiency and cold coagulation type.

In addition, we should also pay attention to which foods can not be eaten during menstruation.

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