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Women How can aunt alleviate her pain? Recommend five recipes for menstruation Recipes,five items,conditioning,menstruation,recommendation,aunt,how,relief October 13, 2019

Harm of irregular menstruation to women

1. Infertility

According to relevant statistical research, women's irregular menstruation is also the cause.InfertilityThe direct reason is also an important reason for the rising frequency of infertility in China in recent years.

2. Causing gynecological inflammation

Because the occurrence of irregular menstruation easily leads to menstrual arthritis, endometrial displacement, cervicitis, menstrual toothache, menstrual asthma and other diseases, the impact of irregular menstruation on women's health will bring serious threats.

3. Cause headache

Headache is a common disease. Females are more likely to suffer from headache than males. This is related to the unique physiological characteristics of females. Epidemiological survey results show that headache related to menstruation accounts for about 20% of headaches in females, which is also the impact of irregular menstruation on females.

4. Influencing Cosmetology

If irregular menstruation is not diagnosed and treated early, the impact of irregular menstruation on women will not only affect beauty, but also affect the body.HealthyWomen are prone to stains, acne, etc.SymptomIt is the related reaction caused by pathological changes in the body.

Menstrual irregular diet therapy prescription

1. Hawthorn brown sugar drink

Hawthorn meat 50 grams, brown sugar 40 grams. Hawthorn water decoction dregs, into brown sugar, hot drink. Non-pregnant women take more than a few times, menstrual blood can also be from the bottom. Functional activation of blood circulation to regulate menstruation, governing women havePeriodConfusion.

2. Deep tea and brown sugar drinks

Tea and brown sugar in proper amount. Boil a bowl of strong tea, remove the residue, put brown sugar to dissolve and drink. Once a day. Function clearing heat and regulating menstruation. The amount of premenstrual menstruation is large.

3. Auricularia auricula and jujube tea

Auricularia auricula 30g, 20 jujubes, Auricularia auricula jujube boiled soup. Take it once a day. Function of tonifying Qi, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding. It mainly treats excessive menstrual bleeding of qi deficiency type.

4. Hawthorn safflower wine

Hawthorn 30 grams, safflower 15 grams, liquor 250 grams, will be medicated into wine immersion for a week. 45-30 grams each time, twice a day, depending on the amount of alcohol, not drunk for degree. Function of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The main meridians are few, purple and black.abdominal painPain relief after blood clot discharge. Be careful not to eat raw or cold food.

5. fennel wine

Fennel, green peel 15 grams, yellow wine 250 grams, will be Fennel, green peel washed, soaked in wine for 3 days, you can drink. 15-30 grams each time, twice a day. Vinegar can be substituted for alcohol intolerance. Function to soothe the liver and regulate qi. The main menstrual periods are uncertain, the color of the menstruation is normal, and there is no block but not smooth.BreastAnd lower abdomenDistending painAnd so on.

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