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Women Women over the age of 30 must press these acupoints more! Guanyuan point October 13, 2019

Why is the stomach hard?

These are all endogenous creatures - "turbid gas, turbid water, persistent stool".Where does turbidity come from? We quarrel, sulk... will produce turbidity; in spring, excessive liver qi, poor body diarrhea will also produce gas, this turbidity because there is no normal way to disseminate, in the body run across the head, will have a headache, clamping cold into the limbs will become rheumatism, into the gastrointestinal ulcer. This kind of gas stops but does not go, hinders the normal operation of Qi and blood, slows down the circulation of blood, and easily becomes stagnant and lumps in the body.Simple abdominal push can help you eliminate turbidity, abdominal push, as the name implies, abdominal push, finger, palm, fist can be used, preferably pushed from the throat node to the lower abdomen. Some people have a lot of stomachache points. Most of them can be pushed open by "pushing the abdomen method" are temporary Qi nodules. Others can not be pushed out by this method. Usually this is a long time of Qi stagnation, which has been blocked by blood stasis. At this time, we can see which channel the pain point is pressing on. As long as we tap and massage the acupoint of this channel on the thigh, we can help to clear the stasis.

Abdominal distension

Others have a soft stomach and no pain when pressing, but still feel stuffy in the stomach. This is usually caused by insufficient mid-qi and insufficient blood. They must first fill up mid-qi. Moxibustion of navel, air-sea and Guanyuan points with moxibustion sticks has a good effect. After sticking to the abdominal push method, stomach or stomach may suffer from frequent pain, or dull pain or diarrhea, and many gastrointestinal symptoms may occur. This is an improvement. Stick to pushing, and after a while, the degree, depth and location of pain will change, even if you don't push hard, it won't hurt. Then you should look for the abdominal block point (maybe a lump, or a pain point, or a "sink", or a "air mass"). Just push it away and rub it loose, you will find that your chronic disease will disappear. Push 10 minutes when you get up in the morning, 10 minutes when you go to bed in the evening, walk normally, and tap belly, waist and buttock with hollow fist when you watch TV. Knock through the meridians of other parts, which is also very good for dredging the deposit of stomach.

Exhaust turbid gas

Someone will belch and fart when pushed, which is the best way to increase the clearance and decrease the turbidity. It is the best way to persist in discharging the turbidity every day and prevent illness. There is also a very harmful cold that invades our bodies. How did the cold come about? Drinking all kinds of cold drinks in summer; blowing air conditioning; girls always wear short skirts and shorts; infusion and herbal tea will make the cold easily harmful to the body. Remember, "Fire goes up, cold sinks down." If you have cold, you will be blocked by Qi and blood stasis. This is called "cold coagulation stagnation". If the cold stays in the joints, it will produce pain; if it stays in the viscera, it will easily produce tumors; if it stays in the meridians, it will block the meridians, and the blood will not flow smoothly, not only will the limbs not be warm, but also there will be numbness of hands and feet. Cold stomach and dysmenorrhea in girls are mostly caused by cold.

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