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Gym What are the causes of frequent dizziness that tell you the answer? Dizzy October 13, 2019

Dizziness is what most people have experienced. Some dizziness is a minor problem, while others indicate a major problem. Chen Xiaohua introduced that there are many reasons for dizziness, including iron deficiency, oxygen deficiency, low blood pressure and so on. What are the specific ones?

1. iron deficiency

Fatigue and fatigue are the main symptoms of anemia. Because the body lacks iron, the red blood cell reduces, the hemoglobin carries the oxygen quantity to reduce, the brain blood oxygen quantity insufficiency, thus produces the vertigo feeling.

2. migraine

Professor Susan Haydn, of the British Migraine Association, said that vertigo was often a precursor to migraine attacks because of narrowing of cerebral blood vessels and reduced blood flow.

3. dehydration

Most of the brain is made up of water. Once the human body is dehydrated, the brain function will be abnormal. Professor Lawrence Armstrong, of the University of Connecticut, said that when dehydrated, blood viscosity increased, body temperature increased and heart rate increased. Therefore, when dizziness occurs, you might as well try drinking a large glass of water.

4. allergy

Allergens such as peanuts, cats, dust and pollen can also cause vertigo. Dr Adrian Morris, an expert at the Surrey allergy clinic in the UK, said that allergies can cause mucus in the sinuses and middle ear, affect the balance organs of the inner ear and lead to vertigo.

5. Drug side effects

Antidepressants, such as ACE inhibitors and amitriptyline, can lower blood pressure and induce vertigo. Natasha Stewart, an expert at the British Heart Association, said that some heart patients dehydrate and feel dizzy when they take diuretics. Sedatives inhibit the central nervous system and slow down brain activity, which is also a major cause of vertigo.

6. swimming

Swimming can easily cause ear water intake. Once the water intake affects the balance organs of the inner ear, vertigo lasts for hours or even days before the water intake completely dries up. Experts point out that before and during swimming, emotional stress can lead to a decrease in blood oxygen in the brain, which leads to vertigo.

7. Blood pressure and hypoxia

Many vertigo is caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure and a short period of hypoxia in the brain. For example, get up suddenly or get up.

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