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Gym To lose weight, we need to distinguish the constitution, or we can do everything. But also,Baitao,constitution,distinction,weight loss October 13, 2019

A lot of fat paper is in the war with the whole body every day, but clearly they have worked hard, why is the whole body so stubborn? Think about how hard it is to lose weight? Can't lose it? That's because you still know your obesity type, you have to find a suitable way to lose weight, quickly come from the body test, find a way to lose weight, of course, more "enjoy thin"!

[Low Metabolism Constitution]

There is a kind of obesity called metabolic low obesity. Although it eats the same calories as other people, it is difficult to digest and fat is not easy to burn, resulting in obesity.

1. Self-test method

The food eaten is difficult to digest.

Low body temperature, cold hands and feet

Difficult to concentrate

2, countermeasures

Increase intake of protein-rich foods

Protein is the essential nutrient for human body, and the hydrolyzed substance is beneficial to adjust the concentration balance of human tissue fluid and water metabolism. Therefore, we should pay attention to eating more protein-rich foods such as milk and eggs in our daily diet.

(2) Eat more digestive food

People with low metabolic constitution tend to eat food that is difficult to digest, so it is important to eat more digestive vegetables and fruits on weekdays. Digestive vegetable: spinach, cabbage, tomatoes; Digestive fruit: pineapple, kiwifruit, apple, etc.

Drinking more water to accelerate metabolism

Water is an important part of the body, is the basic element to promote human metabolism, metabolic waste also needs to be carried by water, discharged from the body. Therefore, it is better to maintain 1500-1700 ml of water per day, and different types of people will drink different amounts of water, such as dieters and people with exercise habits should increase the amount of water on this basis.

4. Bath helps blood circulation

When bathing, the body enters the water above body temperature, the body function will make the subcutaneous blood vessel dilate, thus promoting the blood circulation to accelerate, playing the role of promoting blood circulation.

Exercise is the fastest way to improve metabolism

If the body is inactive for more than four hours, an enzyme used to control body fat and cholesterol metabolism stops functioning. Usually you can do more running, gym exercise and other sports to promote body metabolism, walking can be interspersed with some trotting exercises.

[Edematic obesity]

People with this obese constitution have poor absorptive capacity, easy diarrhea, easy nutrients to be excreted, but harmful substances are difficult to be excluded. Over time, they will become edematous obesity.

1. Self-test method

The Lower Half of the Body is Stronger

Buttock and thigh fat is hard to reduce

Easy to have diarrhea and edema of eyes

2, countermeasures

1. Eat more diuretic and detumescent foods

Such as coix, red beans, cauliflower and so on, can not only promote the metabolism of blood and water in the human body, but also help the human body to discharge excess salt, reduce fat, and is good for detumescence.

Reducing salt intake

When salt is eaten too much, the sodium ion in the body increases, which will cause the problem of water and sodium retention, thus causing edema. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the control of salt intake in daily diet. Salt intake should be controlled within 6 grams per day.

(3) Do more jogging, yoga and other relaxation exercises to regulate body function

Edema-type obese people are suitable to do yoga, jogging and other relatively mild exercise to improve physical fitness, regulate body function, thereby eliminating edema. And because most of the edematous obese people have thicker legs, they can do more lean leg movements.

[Fatty constitution]

Fat obesity mainly refers to the body fat easy to increase rapidly, and a large number of hoarding, resulting in obesity.

1. Self-test method

The whole body is full of fat.

The skin is very soft (the whole body is soft and easy to pinch out the shape of the ointment)

Fear of heat and fatigue, sweating with a little exercise

2, countermeasures

It's more fat-reducing to eat like this.

If you are fat paper with fat constitution, you need to be light in your diet. Remember to control the amount of staple food. You can choose more carbohydrate-rich corn, oats, sweet potatoes, etc. Don't use cakes and biscuits as staple food. Sugar content and sugar index are very high, which will accelerate the accumulation of fat.

In order to reduce the intake of high calorie fat in daily diet, the key is to control the intake of oil, vegetables should be less oil, daily cooking oil intake should be controlled at 25-30 grams. In addition, fried foods should be avoided.

(2) Abandon bad habits such as snacks, casual eating, etc.

Many fat people are eating out, and a large part of the reason why they can't lose the whole body meat is that they can't control their mouth. So if you want to lose the whole body fat, you must first give up the bad habit of snacks, high calorie, high fat and other foods.

3. Choose aerobic exercises such as jogging and swimming.

One of the greatest characteristics of fat papers is that they are afraid of heat and tired, and sweat a little bit. However, how can you lose weight without exercise? In sports, such fat paper can choose sports such as jogging, swimming and so on. Aerobic exercise lasts more than 30 minutes.

Who said that fat people will only be fat the same, fat people also have different obesity constitution. Only by knowing your obese constitution and losing weight according to your constitution can you lose weight more quickly! Now you all know how to reduce it! Finally, in a long sentence: hold your mouth, open your legs! Say goodbye to obesity~

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