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Gym Long term running is good for the body Thirteen,Benefits,This,Body,Persistence,Running,Long Term October 13, 2019


Long-distance runners have about an hour a day to look straight into the distance, which is a good relaxation for the eyes. If you have school-age children in your family, you can make them keep running every day, and the chance of myopia will certainly be reduced.

Neck, shoulder and spine:

Often sitting in front of the computer will have more or less cervical and shoulder problems. The correct running posture requires the back to be straight and relaxed. Long-term persistence will greatly improve the discomfort of the cervical and shoulder.


Running consistently gives you a strong heart and cardiovascular system. While increasing the maximum oxygen uptake, the amount of oxygen transported to various organs of the body increases greatly, and the quality of work of each organ naturally improves greatly. In addition, middle and long distance running will accelerate blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood to supply the myocardium, thus preventing various heart diseases. Through the movement of lower limbs, it can promote venous blood flow back to the heart and prevent venous thrombosis.


With a strong cardiovascular system, the runner's blood quality is also better than ordinary people. The body's adaptability to long-term middle and long-distance running can improve metabolism and reduce blood lipid and cholesterol levels.

Lung and respiratory system:

Long-term middle and long-distance running exercise can strengthen the lung function and increase vital capacity. Regular long-term running can develop the respiratory muscles of the lungs, increase the ventilation volume and enhance the lung function. Personally, I have a seasonal rhinitis attack every autumn, which is very torturing, but I don't know if it's relevant to start running this year without relapse.


When I was having a physical examination, the physician called the intern to me and said, "Look, this is a healthy liver. The veins and veins on the surface are very clear, which is rare nowadays." Running eliminates fatty liver, which has been verified by many runners and is very effective.


Flat or groin-pronounced abdomen is a dream of many people. Many fitness coaches'suggestions and Internet crazy abdominal muscle tearers can help you build stronger abdominal muscles, but you also need aerobic exercise like running to get rid of the thick fat wrapper outside the abdominal muscles. Of course, you have to stick to it, because abdominal fat is the most cunning, if you relax a little, it will rebound.

Waist and hip:

Running changes the body shape first reflected in this position, many runners have had such experience, after starting running for a period of time, the weight did not significantly reduce, but the body shape significantly improved, especially the waist line became more beautiful.


Some people say that running Bailey only injures one knee, which is reasonable. Most runners suffer from knee injuries more or less. But in the communication with many runners who have been running for more than ten years, we know that they will encounter the same problems when they start running. Some people will have knee pain even when they walk fast. But with the accumulation of jogging volume and strength training step by step, knees become stronger and stronger.


In addition to looking strong and elastic, the muscle tissue of people who often run will also change. The distribution of capillaries in a certain volume of muscle will greatly increase, which is more efficient and comfortable with oxygen and nutrients. I wonder if it's also related to the fact that runners are more cold-resistant.


Middle and long distance running makes people full of optimism, helps to increase appetite, strengthen digestive function, and promote nutrition absorption. Of course, what is more enviable is how to eat and not fat, haha.


Long-term middle and long-distance running can strengthen the respiratory muscles, heart muscles, neck muscles, chest muscles, arm muscles and waist, buttocks, thighs, legs, feet and other muscles, making it difficult for muscles to accumulate lactic acid or carbon dioxide and other metabolites. Running can be said to be the basis of all sports, and will have a positive impact on your participation in other sports.


Long-term middle and long-distance running can improve the strength of joints and the flexibility of ligaments; and increase the strength and density of bones to avoid degenerative osteoporosis in old age. Look at the old people in every marathon race to see how strong the bones of long-distance runners are.

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