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Archives Xiaoshu is coming. How to keep healthy, make a bowl of soup, invigorate the spleen, dispel dampness, moisten the lungs and invigorate the body? Qingbuliang,Fig,Huaishan,Medicinal Diet,Five Zang-organs and Six Viscera October 13, 2019

At the beginning of July, Xiaoshu, the eleventh solar term in the 24 solar terms, came.

"Small summer, big summer, steaming up and cooking down." Summer, hot meaning. When the weather gets hot, we should take care of the Heart-yang according to the time when the five zang organs are in charge. We should calm down and ensure the exuberance of the heart function in summer.

The heart is the master of five organs and six organs. All life activities are the concentrated expression of the five organs'functions, and all these are dominated by the heart. There is the saying that "heart is the shaking of five organs and six organs". And mental damage must involve other viscera. In terms of emotions, happiness is the will of the heart.This "joy" is to ease the tension and depression, make the mood relaxed, Qi and blood relaxed under the condition of no excessive excitement.

Therefore, in summer, the focus of health preservation is "calm mind", which is naturally cool.

In the summer festival, just over half a year, sit down, review the summary, reflect on the reflection, remove the factors that make the mind restless, in order to truly calm down.

I remember last year there was an intern girl, lively and lovely, smiling every day. One day when she had diarrhea, I gave her a needle. After the needle went down, she couldn't stop crying. I asked if it hurt so much. She sobbed and answered, "Teacher, I can't stop. I can't control myself."

I have seen before that it is impossible to cry with a needle. When I go to study needling, a classmate with liver depression is very serious. The needling will mobilize the whole body's qi, blood and body fluid. The energy will break through some blockages and discharge them, and then the emotional release will occur.

And this little girl is so bright a person, the surface looks bright, but the heart is depressed.

The surface of the mind is different, in the little girl's body is: emotional fluctuations, the first second to see her laugh, the second to say nothing, spleen and stomach is not good, easy to have diarrhea, in short, the disorder of qi.

So it is very important for people to have their true temperament before and after them.Do not suppress themselves, happy when happy, angry when angry, dissatisfied when expressed dissatisfaction, want to cry when a cry.Being true to oneself is good for one's body and mind.

When the mind is calm, the whole body relaxes, and the energy consumed is less than when the mind is disturbed. It can feel refreshing.

In order to make mothers and children feel completely at ease, they can also feel comfortable in the hot summer. During the summer festival, mothers can make a medicinal meal for their children - refreshing and refreshing.

Qing Buliang mostly appears in the form of sugar-forming water and Lao Huo Tang. Its materials are not uniform, mainly in the form of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, moistening the lung and promoting the body fluid.


Ginseng 5g, Yuzhu 5g, Codonopsis 5g, Huaishan 5g, Fig 2, Coix Seed 3g, Lily 3g, Lotus Seed 5g, Red Jujube 2 (one child, the whole family can drink with appropriate dosage)


Put the above ingredients into the stew cup, put some water, stew for an hour, put some sugar or salt according to your preference, or add ribs or eggs to stew together.

Salvia miltiorrhiza Jade Bamboo nourishes Yin and nourishes Jin. Coix seed mainly clears away diarrhea. Dangshen Date in Huaishan is mainly nourishing, while lotus seed and Lily can both clear and nourish. Fig is sweet in taste and cool in nature. It can clear away heat and stimulate body fluid, invigorate spleen and appetite.

The overall nature is relatively peaceful, suitable for daily health food. It plays the role of invigorating the spleen and dampness, clearing the heart and tranquilizing the mind, nourishing qi and blood, moistening the lung and nourishing body fluid, taking into account the role of nourishing the heart in summer, nourishing the spleen in long summer and nourishing the lung in autumn.

From summer to early autumn, it is easy to have weak spleen and stomach, heavy dampness.Heart fire, restlessness, heat and sweat, body fluid deficiency. Cooling is a good health food in summer and autumn. It is also a recipe for people with above problems for a long time.

Huaishan fig lily lotus seeds, fresh products are also possible. Medicines and food are of the same origin, mild in nature, and do not care whether they are dried or fresh.

They can also be adjusted according to their children's physique. For example, children with severe cold and dampness can stir-fry Coix or add orange peel; children with hot coke and red tongue tip can put some mung beans; children with common cold and flat upper tongue can put some astragalus.

Medicinal diet is not the same as decoction. If you have a disease, please see a doctor in time.

If you like this article, remember to praise it. Pay attention to Daddy SheepTo teach you practical parenting knowledge, accompany you to raise a healthy baby, and live a healthy life in the way of traditional Chinese medicine.

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