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Archives How to nourish kidney over 30 years old? In fact, it's very simple. Here's the method of conditioning. Metabolism,Mingmen Point,Kidney Like,Innate Essence,Kidney-nourishing October 13, 2019

Is it difficult to nourish the kidney? No, it's not difficult, it's simple. Now that it comes to nourishing the kidney, we must know that the kidney does not like what we do the most. Just as a person has his own preferences, the kidney also has its own preferences.

What function does the kidney have?

Kidney is an important organ of our body. Its main function is to promote the growth and reproduction of our body. Store and seal the essence of human body. This is the main physiological function of the kidney. That is to say, our kidneys can store the essence of the five Zang-organs and six fu-organs.

So we often hear people say that the kidney is innate. Then the essence in the kidney comes from the innate essence of our parents. Because it comes from my parents, I use it a little less.

Generally speaking, what people consume when they are young is acquired essence. Only inStaying up late, or being olderOnly then can we use the innate essence. When we because ofBad habits, often staying up late to deplete the innate essence, we will find that the human aging will be very fast. I think friends who often stay up late will have a deep experience.

After telling you about the main functions of the kidney, I'd like to talk about it briefly.What does the kidney like? What do you hate?

Because kidney is water, so kidneyThe main task is to metabolize body fluid. If the kidney is dysfunctional, it will make our body unable to metabolize water. Our body will appear edema, phlegm, frequent urination, endless urination, long urine and other phenomena. Because the kidney is the main water, soKidney does not like dryness very much, because dryness will hurt the body fluid, so that kidney essence is depleted.

Chinese medicine also stressesKidney is afraid of ambition We can also find in life that when a person is frightened, there will be incontinence of urine and urine. That's becauseKidney Qi Deficiency So in order to protect our kidneys, we must pay attention to it.Don't frighten our bodies.

What is the simplest way to nourish the kidney?

OneFood supplementWe Chinese say that the people live on food.The absolute remedy that can be supplemented by foodGenerally speaking,Kidney likes black food.As we see everydayBlack Wolfberry, Black Rice, Black Sesame, Black Bean Kidney-tonifyingThey all work very well.


So the simplest way to keep fit is to eat these kidney-nourishing foods.

2. Changing bad habits We often hear on TV that staying up late is more harmful to our health and kidneys, because staying up late consumes the innate essence of our bodies. And the essence of nature is difficult to get back through the nutrition of acquired food, with a little less. Once we use up our innate essence when we are young, when we are old, we will end up very miserable.

So, for your health,Be sure to go to bed early and get up early. Don't stay up late. This is the best care for the kidney!

3. Kidney nourishment does not necessarily need to take medicine, through massage and physiotherapy of specific acupoints of the human body, it can also achieve the effect of kidney nourishment very well.For example, we moxibustion at Shenque point and Mingmen point. In a very short time, we can feel a lot of energy coming into our bodies.

4. Actively participating in physical exercises and participating in more physical exercises can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body.It also has a very good role in promoting kidney, because after exercise, our body's Qi and blood will be smoother, metabolism will be better, will reduce the burden of our kidneys.When our kidneys are not burdened with these excessive burdens, we will devote our limited energy to promoting our growth, development and reproduction, so that many difficult problems can be solved.

5. Another point is that in order to protect our kidneys, we must remember to eat a light diet.

Nurturing is very important for each of us. Whether young or old, we should take this problem seriously and take good care of our own kidneys.

In fact, small changes in our daily life can make our kidneys healthier. The key is that you have done these little things.

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