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Archives Drinking plenty of water and exercising after meals is a simple and healthy way for health doctors to sum up life and health Stomach,Breakfast,Golden Time,Health,Gastric Mucosa October 13, 2019

Health preservation is one of the things that we often talk about in our life. Many people say that we should nourish our stomach early, nourish our heart at noon and nourish our veins at night. Anyway, in our life, the topic of health care is inseparable, many people have their own way of health care. But is our way of keeping fit really right?

According to the doctor's summary, let us know how to nourish the stomach early, nourish the heart at noon and nourish the pulse at night.

1, nourishing the stomach

The golden time for nourishing the stomach in the morning is from seven to nine o'clock. It is the time of the stomach meridian and the best time for nourishing the stomach. During this period of time, gas and blood flow through the stomach meridian, we must let the stomach start to work in an orderly manner. Nowadays, stomachache has become a common food for modern people. According to a World Health Organization statistics, the incidence of gastric diseases in the population is as high as 80%. And it is growing at a rate of 17.43% a year.

Drinking a cup of warm water around 7:30 in the morning can moisten the mouth, esophagus and gastric mucosa, wash mucus and bile attached to mucosa, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and prepare for breakfast. It can also replenish the water lost by the body, but not too much. Drinking water is about 100 ml, so as not to disperse gastric acid, affect digestion, and not to drink cold water, so as not to cause irritation to the stomach.

Breakfast is very important. Eating breakfast at 7:30 in the morning to nourish the stomach, often not eating breakfast, causes stomach disease, the probability of duodenal ulcer is as high as 36%. It is also easy to lead to hypoglycemia, memory decline, and increase the risk of gallstones. A good breakfast should include cereals, dairy, meat, beans, fruits and vegetables. In addition, breakfast should not eat spicy stimulating food, in order to avoid damage to the gastric mucosa in an empty stomach.

2, nourishing the heart

The prime time for nourishing one's heart is between 11 and 13 o'clock, that is, 50 o'clock. At this time, the heart is in command, is the most conducive to health of the key moment of the day. For the elderly, how to maintain the heart is particularly important, stimulate the pericardial meridian, protect the heart.

The most effective method is napping, because napping is not conducive to supplementary sleep, but also can improve coronary blood supply, enhance physical strength, eliminate fatigue. Siesta can also greatly reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and weekly events. Even if you can't sleep, close your eyes and keep your mind, it is also very good for your health.

3. Cultivate all kinds of veins

There are three actions for a hundred pulses. Firstly, combing your hair with your fingers is energetic and bloody. As the saying goes, "combing your hair all the time before, half the illness is less." There is a general method of massage called "taking five classics". Every time you comb your hair, you are combing five classics. There are also active scalp meridians, improve blood circulation and promote metabolism. If you want to play a health role, you should comb your hair with your fingers at night for at least three minutes.

Secondly, warm water blisters the foot to invigorate the kidney. The human kidney meridian is from the foot. After soaking feet with warm water, it can warm the kidney meridian. The kidney meridian will naturally play a very good role in the formation of the kidney. Thirdly, beating back at night is good for falling asleep, and beating back before going to bed can receive gold stocks, promote the movement of Qi and blood, effectively improve sleep and urge people to fall asleep.

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