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Archives Different methods of health preservation in different age groups and different secrets of health preservation in six age groups Five Zang-organs and six fu-organs,health preservation,Qi and blood circulation,good intestine and stomach,age group October 13, 2019

In different age groups, we should grasp different points of health preservation, so that we can not blindly make up for it, so as to avoid the appearance of deficiency. Hot summer is a good time to keep fit, balanced intake of nutrients, more exercise to improve the immune system.


Different age groups have different ways of keeping fit. Take you to reveal the key points of keeping fit in these six age groups!

1. Childhood

Generally, by the age of 10 or so, the five Zang-organs and six Fu-organs have been fully developed, and the Qi and blood in the meridians run smoothly. This stage is the golden period for the development of lower limb muscles and bones, so we should keep its nature and carry out more outdoor activities. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, childhood is full of Qi and blood and is pure Yang body. There will be no congestion and stagnation of Qi and blood in this age group. To balance the intake of nutrition, avoid picky and partial food, reduce the amount of snacks.

2. Adolescence

In adolescence, Qi and blood will become more vigorous and muscles stronger. At this time, the movement is sensitive and light. This is the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. Organs will develop rapidly and the movement of Qi and blood along the meridians will become more vigorous. It is recommended to walk fast to increase muscles to achieve the effect of health care and health preservation. But we should protect the intestines and stomach, avoid overeating, quit smoking and drinking, and ensure adequate sleep.


3. Adult Period

After 30 years of age, the tissue development of five Zang-organs and six Fu-organs has been completed, and the function has reached its peak. The muscles have become developed and strong, and the blood is full. At this time, the mind is mature and stable. But we need to face the pressure of work, family and society. We need to balance the relationship between work and life, exercise more, and reduce sedentary time.

4. Adult Period

From the age of 40, collagen loss, skin becomes flabby, hair turns white and the whole body Qi and blood movement slows down. At this stage, keep Qi and blood in balance. Otherwise, it will lead to five viscera and six viscera dysfunction, which will lead to premature aging and disease. The key point of health preservation is to maintain the stability of mind, face everything with a peaceful mind, and take 10 minutes to meditate every day, eliminating inner miscellaneous thoughts.


5. Middle Age

About 50 years old, liver function metabolism and detoxification ability will decline, and the ability of bile secretion is weakened, and things are blurred. At this time, we should do a good job of protecting liver and gallbladder, find Qingming point massage to nourish liver and kidney, and eat more green food such as rape, spinach, broccoli and cucumber. The body should not be deficient in vitamin C. Citrus fruits, kiwifruit and strawberries are recommended for liver protection.

6. Aging

After 60 years of age, various functions of the body gradually weakened, blood circulation slowed down, spleen and stomach became weak and poor digestion and absorption function. At this stage, eat more food such as millet porridge to invigorate the spleen and stomach. In addition, eat more heart-nourishing foods such as oats, walnuts or bananas to enhance the heart's resistance to viruses.


No matter what age group you are, you can't ignore the effects of diet and exercise. Outdoor activities can improve the immune system and reduce diseases in your body.

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