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Avoid People who can keep in good health must eat lotus root a lot! But two taboos should be avoided Lotus Root,Calcium Ion,Health Care,Taboos October 13, 2019

Lotus root originated in India has been widely planted in China, and the benefits of lotus root have been found long ago. The slightly sweet and crisp lotus root is a kind of food suitable for both young and old, but we only estimate the benefits of lotus root in the degree of cooking. Let's get to know the specific benefits of lotus root.


The first advantage is to lower the fire and cool the blood.

Lotus root cold, raw eating can have a very good cooling effect, for heat disease has a considerable effect, if you because of blood heat caused by the fire, may as well eat more lotus root. In addition, for epistaxis or hemoptysis, lotus root has a better effect.

The second advantage is to strengthen stomach and stop diarrhea.

Lotus root contains mucin and dietary fiber, which can promote digestive function of human body. The special fragrance of lotus root contains tannin, which can promote human appetite and has good antidiarrheal effect for diarrhea patients.

Benefits 3. Promoting Blood Circulation and Benefiting Muscles

Iron is the raw material of hematopoiesis, and calcium is the element that human body needs more every day. These two elements are abundant in lotus root. Therefore, more lotus root can make blood be fully supplemented. The amount of calcium ion determines the contraction degree of muscle. Therefore, if lacking calcium ion, people will become weak, and lotus root can be a good supplement of calcium ion.


Benefit 4: Losing fat and weight

Although lotus root is rich in trace elements, but its fat content is very low, and has a strong sense of satiety, so obese people eat lotus root can reduce fat content, over time, weight will naturally reduce, and fat reduction is conducive to the protection of cardiovascular, and prevent some chronic diseases.

Taboo for eating lotus root

Although lotus root has many advantages, it also has its own taboos. If we do not pay attention to it, it can easily lead to serious consequences, and people should avoid it.

Taboo 1, Food Matching

Although lotus root has a good stomach-strengthening and digestive function, if it is eaten with chrysanthemum, it is likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort for a long time, so the use of lotus root also needs to pay attention to the collocation.


Taboo 2. Cooking equipment

When boiling lotus root, avoid contact with iron cooking utensils, mainly to avoid the material in lotus root being induced by iron utensils redox reaction, resulting in food blackening. In addition, if cut lotus root, should be covered with fresh-keeping film incision in the refrigerator for preservation.

Although lotus root is also taboo, it will not affect our consumption of lotus root, we only need to know more about lotus root in peacetime, we can better avoid its misunderstanding, for its benefits, we can also use more perfect.

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