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Avoid What are the dietary taboos for children with dental caries? Attention should be paid to these four dietary taboos dental caries October 13, 2019

People with dental caries should eat more foods rich in vitamin D, calcium and vitamin A in their diet. Sometimes patients with dental caries are very easy to ignore some dietary problems, such as dietary taboos for dental caries. So, what dietary taboos are easy to ignore for dental caries patients?

Dietary taboos in patients with dental caries

Taboo 1: Hard and Rough Food

It is easy to wear teeth and gums when eating hard and rough food for a long time. When chewing, it will shock the dental nerve. It is easy to "wake up" the nerve inside the dental caries and cause toothache. Fried peanuts, fried broad beans, fried soybeans and other fried goods and crude fiber vegetables such as celery, bamboo shoots, leeks, raw carrots, as well as fried pork chops, roast mutton and other oils should be eaten less, try not to eat.

Taboo 2: Wine

There is alcohol in the wine, which will stimulate the pulp nerve and cause pain after drinking. If your baby has tooth decay, don't drink alcoholic beverages. In addition, exciting drinks such as coffee and Cola also have similar effects, and do not drink them.

Taboo 3: acidic food

The formation of dental caries is related to acidic food. Acidic food accumulates in the crevices of teeth and produces excessive lactic acid, which corrodes the surface of teeth and forms dental caries. Therefore, acidic food can increase the degree of tooth corrosion, which is aggravated. Pomegranate, bayberry, jujube and other food, after eating must gargle, clean up the food residues in the teeth.

Taboo 4: Sweet and Fatty Goods

Especially sucrose, its cariogenic effect is the most significant, causing local hard tissue necrosis, demineralization, transparency changes, enamel discoloration, local softening, loosening, caries cavity formation. Tooth shakes over time, so avoid eating. Sweet and greasy food also has the same effect as above. It is a direct stimulation to caries caves, and also hinders digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal tract, affecting the health of caries patients. Therefore, avoid eating.

Warm reminder:The best way to deal with cavities is to have regular oral examination and deal with cavities in time.

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