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Men How do men eat these kinds of food when they have phimosis? You can't touch them. Food,you touch,no,several kinds,suffer from bag,stem should,how,diet,man October 13, 2019

Food provides energy for our body but also affects our health. Food diversification is more important for healthy people, but for people with diseases, we need to pay attention to the distinction between food. After all, some foods hinder the treatment of diseases, and men with phimosis also have some dietary taboos, so the following is specific for everyone. Introduction.

Food that phimosis patients absolutely can't eat

Top: Fat meat

Consequence:Let men not mention the reason: red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, lunch meat) makes you unable to be strong. Saturated fats and cholesterol narrow blood vessels, including those that deliver blood to the sexual area. The penis is not able to orgasm because of insufficient blood supply during sex.

Measures:We want to eat some oysters. Oysters have always been known as "famous products of love". Science has proved this traditional saying. Two to three oysters can meet the need for zinc throughout the day, and zinc is precisely an important mineral source to maintain the normal function of the male reproductive system. Zinc makes men sexually active!

Second place: high-fat milk

Consequence:They are prone to prostate cancer.

Reason:Men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium per day through dairy products have a 32% higher risk of prostate cancer than those who consume less than 150 mg per day. Heavy calcium intake through dairy products every day inhibits vitamin D levels in the blood. Vitamin D is not only an important nutrient, but also a hormone that can prevent the proliferation of prostate cancer cells, thus playing a role in the prevention of prostate cancer.

Measures:More attention should be paid to dietary health, such as eating less meat, exercising regularly and eating more low-fat food, soybean food and vegetables and fruits.

Third place: refined flour

Consequence:Let men not lift.

Reason:White bread and candy taste good, but from the perspective of nutrition, it's not the case. Zinc can lose three-quarters of its content in whole wheat bread. Zinc is essential for the development of sexual desire and reproductive health. The highest zinc reserves in the human body are also in the prostate. A high zinc diet helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Measures:Eat less refined grains and more coarse grains!

Male friends should try to avoid eating spicy, fried food, to develop a good habit of eating light, coupled with the organic standard treatment of phimosis, I believe that the harm of phimosis can soon be rid of.

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