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Men How do men prevent prostate cancer? Suggestions to Start with Living Diet Life,Diet,Start,Suggestions,How to Prevent,Prostate Cancer,Men October 13, 2019

How do men prevent prostate cancer n? It is suggested that people with family history of prostate cancer undergo regular physical examination, which can help to detect prostate cancer in time. In addition to interfering with the etiology, some active preventive measures should be taken, such as dietary prevention and exercise prevention.

How to prevent prostate cancer?

1. Older men are prone to prostate cancerUsually, we should pay attention to strengthening physical exercise to improve part of the blood circulation and enhance the body's anti-disease and anti-cancer immunity.

2. Avoiding urinary tract infectionReducing the onset of benign diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia is a useful way to avoid prostate cancer. We should drink more water and urinate more. The urine often washes the urethra to help the secretion of prostate cancer to be discharged in order to avoid infection.

3. Tobacco and alcohol are important risk factors for prostate cancerTo avoid prostate cancer, we should change smoking and alcohol. Together, we should pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat less spicy and stimulating food, reduce the intake of unsaturated fatty acids. Fecal constipation can aggravate the performance of prostatic tumescence. We should eat more vegetables and fruits, eat some crude food, insist on fecal clearance, and reduce the incidence of constipation.

4. Attention to Living ModeratelyTo control sexual desire and have a proper sex, so as to avoid the proliferation and fattening of the prostate.

5. Pay attention to personal cleanlinessIn order to avoid the bacteria hiding in the vulva entering the male urethra, invading the prostate and causing the occurrence of prostate cancer, we should often clean our own external genitals.

6. Old and middle-aged men should usually use less or no androgen-rich drugs and health products.

7. Timing check is the key to early detection of prostate cancerFor men over 50 years of age, regular digital rectal examination should be performed for cancer prevention screening.

Diet for Prostate Cancer Prevention

1. Tomatoes:Tomatoes and carrots contain large amounts of beta carotene, which helps your body absorb lycopene from tomatoes, possibly reducing the risk of prostate cancer by 32%.

2. Orange:Oranges contain orange, kaempferin and vitamin C. Studies have found that a diet rich in vitamin C reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 23%.

3. Watermelon:Like tomatoes, watermelon also contains a lot of lycopene. An inch-long piece of watermelon contains four tomatoes.

4. Broccoli:If you don't like broccoli, you should listen to the results. A study of 1,200 men found that men who stick to broccoli are 41 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer.

5. Whole wheat tortillas:Whole wheat tortillas contain selenium and a lot of fiber. Canadian researchers have found that foods rich in soluble cellulose can reduce PSA levels in the body.

Diet is a very good way to prevent prostate cancer. It is suggested to supplement more anti-cancer substances in normal life, such as selenium and lycopene, to control the intake of fat. Facts have proved that obese people are one of the high incidence groups of prostate cancer.

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