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Men Men's lower body pain! Six foods are good helpers in preventing prostate cancer Prostate,Prevention,Cancer,Good Help,Food,Lower Body,6 Kinds,Men October 13, 2019

Prostate cancer is an invisible killer of older men. According to statistics, half of men will have symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy when they are 50 years old, and the incidence rate is as high as 80% when they are 70 years old. But do you know, in fact, they can be prevented by diet? Research shows that the following six kinds of food can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, men must know!

Six Foods for Prostate Cancer Prevention

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes and carrots contain large amounts of beta carotene, which helps your body absorb lycopene from tomatoes, possibly reducing the risk of prostate cancer by 32%.

2. Bighead

If you don't like turnips, you should listen to the results. A study of 1,200 men found that men who insisted on turnips were 41 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer.

3, chicken

A piece of chicken breast is enough to give you the selenium you need for a day. Men who took adequate selenium supplements for 41 consecutive years were 63% less likely to die from prostate cancer, according to one study.

4, oranges

Oranges contain orange, kaempferin and vitamin C. Studies have found that a diet rich in vitamin C reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 23%.

5, watermelon

Like tomatoes, watermelon also contains a lot of lycopene. An inch-long piece of watermelon contains four tomatoes. Prostate cancer should be prevented first.

6. Maltobacillus

Maltobacillus contains a lot of vitamin E and zinc. The Cancer Research Center found that vitamin E supplementation and daily zinc intake reduced the risk of prostate cancer by 20% and 45%, respectively.

Healthy mindset, good food and moderate exercise are also good for all aspects of men's health.

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