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Men Three Kidney-tonifying "Men's Food" Secrets of Men's Fitness in Different Countries Men,Yang,Countries,Secrets,Kidney-tonifying,Three Kinds,Men's Food October 13, 2019

Chinese people pay attention to diet and recuperation. If they are satisfied with their mouths, they can also get "strong yang".Tonifying kidney It's really a killer action. In fact, the onion, leek and onion that we often eat in our daily life have such effect, which benefits men a lot, even can be called "men's food".

Green Chinese onion

In some countries and regions, onions are regarded as incarnations of love and sexual desire. For example, in the Balkan Peninsula of Africa, young men and women of some ethnic groups must get green onions when they get married. One is to hope that the couple will be healthy and happy, the other is to hope that the groom will be more masculine. Onion is rich in a variety of nutrients, can relax blood vessels, promote blood circulation, cardiovascular benefits. Modern medical research shows that the various vitamins in onion can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones, but also effectively stimulate sexual desire, thus "strengthening Yang and tonifying yin". For men, they should eat scallions or chives three times a week, which can be used as stir-fried vegetables, salad and seasoning.


Chinese chives are mild, moderate and low-grade.Tonifying kidneyYiyang and other efficacy, while enhancing energy, but also for men erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other excellent treatment effect, so ancient medical books called "Yang grass", modern people also gave it the "vegetable Viagra" laurel.

Leek contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, rich in carotene and vitamin C, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. For men, fried shrimps with leek or fried eggs with leek are easy to make "aphrodisiac dishes" and should be eaten more. It should be noted that leek is not easy to digest and can not eat too much at a time. People who are upset, have flushed cheekbones, have dry mouth and don't want to drink water, have red tongue and little moss, and are prone to sweating should eat less, and people who are prone to allergies should not eat.


Roman doctors used onions as an appetizer and Indians used them as sex hormones. Modern medicine has also found that onion has anti-inflammatory and bacteriostasis, diuresis and diarrhea, hypoglycemia, hypolipidemia, cholesterol, blood pressure and other multiple effects, is the only known plant containing prostaglandin, can protect the prostate. It not only enjoys the reputation of "queen of dishes", but also is a good aphrodisiac food, such as onions, which are indispensable for Russian men to eat three meals a day.

There are many ways to eat onions, if you want to give full play to its "men's dish" effect, you may as well make fried eggs or beef with onions, delicious taste, rich nutritional value, the benefits for men are also obvious.

Secrets of Men's Improving Men in Different Countries

American men eat nucleic acid food

Franz, an American scientist, has found that if there is enough nucleic acid in the body, it can effectively increase various functions of the body, indirectly improve sexual function and delay sexual aging.

Foods containing more nucleic acid include beans and various bean products, followed by seafood, such as seafish, shellfish, shrimp and so on. The contents of liver and lean meat were higher in meat, and green vegetables were the most in vegetables.

Middle Eastern Men Eat Natural Honey

Natural honey contains a large number of plant male germ cells, which contain an endocrine hormone, similar to human pituitary hormone, and has obvious biological activity of active gonads.

In addition, the sugar in natural honey is easily absorbed by human body, which is very beneficial to the formation of semen. In Turkey, Israel and many Arab countries, sesame and honey-based hevarose is a typical aphrodisiac food; women in Babylon use it to increase sexual attraction and restore men's energy after sex.

British men eat seaweed

Foodstuffs from the British Nutrition Association have found that the thyroid gland is responsible for sexual impulse and stimulation. Low thyroid activity reduces sexual activity and desire. The rich iodine and other minerals in seaweed are important substances to protect thyroid activity. Therefore, seaweed contains many "sex-promoting" ingredients.

German men eat nuts

Nuts and kernels are rich in VB and VE, especially mineral content is higher than other foods, in addition, they are also an excellent source of protein. All of these can arouse sexual desire and arouse sexual impulse.

German doctors have found that in some people who often eat pumpkin seeds, the risk of prostate disease is very low, because pumpkin seeds contain a substance that can affect the production of male hormones. There are also wheat, corn, sesame, sunflower seeds, almonds, peas, peanuts, walnuts and so on.

Europeans like malt and malt oil

Europeans have a kind of earthwork to enhance sexual function, that is, grinding malt into powder, mixing it with milk and honey, and drinking a cup before going to bed can not only increase nutrition, but also enhance sexual function.

Because malt oil contains ingredients that prevent recession, it is actually the function of natural vitamin E. Medical studies have found that vitamin E stimulates sperm production in men. But synthetic vitamin E is less effective than malt oil in preventing sexual decline. Therefore, scientists believe that there are other mysterious substances in malt oil at work.

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