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Women Don't rely on painkillers as soon as you have dysmenorrhea. It's not good for you! You don't,benefit,so,painkillers,dysmenorrhea,dependence,don't. October 13, 2019

Dysmenorrhea is an unforgettable source of pain for some women. Women suffer from pain in the lower abdomen every time they come to the lower part of the body to experience the bleeding. That kind of pain is slightly lower abdomen can feel pain, serious, it is lower abdomen pain so that women roll in bed, and some women because of pain, resulting in lip whitening or fainting. To alleviate the pain as quickly as possible, women are always used to taking painkillers, but long-term use of this medicine is completely good for health.

Women's dysmenorrhea should not rely solely on painkillers

Analgesics are also a kind of medicine. As long as they are taken for a long time, the human body is prone to addiction and dependence, or their efficacy will continue to shrink. Women need to replace more powerful analgesics. How can it possibly be good for the human body if it goes on like this? So long-term dependence on analgesics to treat dysmenorrhea will have what kind of harm? Details are as follows:

1. It's easy to cover up the illness.

When many women have dysmenorrhea, the first thing they want to do is buy a box of painkillers. Although the pain has been relieved, it is only temporary relief, which can not achieve the effect of treatment. We should know that there are many factors leading to dysmenorrhea. If we do not take painkillers after diagnosis and treatment, it is easy to cover up the unique characteristics of the condition. Therefore, doctors'judgment of dysmenorrhea factors increases the difficulty of treating dysmenorrhea.

2. Drug efficacy will continue to weaken.

Believe that every month to take painkillers to alleviate dysmenorrhea women have a feeling, that is, to take the same painkillers, each time it seems to increase the amount of pain relief or take the same amount of pain relief effect worse. That is because long-term use of this drug, the body has produced some antibodies to this drug, in order to achieve the previous analgesic effect, we can only continue to increase the dosage of drugs, in order to fight disease.

3. Easily addicted

Long-term use of painkillers can lead to addiction and drug dependence in women. When women suffer from dysmenorrhea, they always think of taking medicine, and think that only taking painkillers can relieve themselves from pain, and completely ignore other healthy conditioning methods.

There are several ways for women to relieve dysmenorrhea

1. Do some stretching exercises properly

Proper exercise is helpful for women to relieve dysmenorrhea. But we should pay attention to "proper exercise", so that the time and amount of exercise should not be too large. Here's a recommended stretching exercise that promotes smooth blood flow and makes dysmenorrhea less painful:

First sit on the bed, stretch out your back, keep relaxed, and then curl up. Then lean forward as you exhale after breathing. To what extent, depending on your limits, you can move forward as long as you don't feel uncomfortable. Hold your posture for ten seconds, then inhale and straighten your body at the same time. This action is very simple, even stiff women can easily do, all women with dysmenorrhea, may as well try.

2. Attention to sleeping posture can alleviate dysmenorrhea

When a woman has dysmenorrhea, it is uncomfortable to lie in bed. Women are advised to lie on their side while sleeping, then put a pillow or quilt on their stomach, and then curl up like a child, then clamp the quilt between their legs. This sleeping position can alleviate dysmenorrhea to a certain extent. Women with dysmenorrhea sleep in this position at night, which can help women ease pain and get to sleep faster.

3. The effect of dietotherapy on dysmenorrhea is good

Although it needs long-term persistence, diet therapy can not only alleviate dysmenorrhea, but also supplement nutrition for the body, and improve women's cooking skills. This is a good way for women to try.

Suggestions might as well drink some motherwort porridge: prepare 60 grams of fresh motherwort, wash it, put it in the pot and add water to boil. Then take the juice and 50 grams of Japonica Rice and brown sugar together to boil porridge. Frequent eating has a good effect on alleviating dysmenorrhea, because this porridge contains Leonurus to promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation, as well as red sugar to help the body discharge menstrual blood. All women who suffer from dysmenorrhea may as well eat and see.

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