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Women Are you successful in the five most common symptoms of premenstrual women? Recruitment,Symptoms,Top Most,Amenorrhea,Common,Five,Women October 13, 2019

Women all want to know what age they will have amenorrhea, so as to prepare for it. However, there is no accurate data about the age of women's amenorrhea, but according to the survey, women's amenorrhea is about 47-55 years old. Most of the women who are about to face amenorrhea will have more or less symptoms. So what symptoms do women have before menopause?

Five symptoms of Premenopause in women

1. Menstruation:First, menstruation becomes irregular, and the amount of menstruation becomes much or little, and finally, menopause.

2. Blood circulation:His face suddenly became hot and red and faded in a few seconds. It is also accompanied by palpitation and night sweat.

3. Spiritual aspects:Emotional instability, anxiety, suspicion, insomnia, depression and other changes.

4. Skin:Subcutaneous tissue and moisture decreased, became shallow and thin, lost luster. And the vaginal epidermis atrophy also causes degenerative vaginitis, vaginal itching, prickling, sexual pain and other phenomena.

5. Other aspects:There are dizziness, headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and so on.

Physical changes in women after menopause

What changes will happen to women's bodies? The main changes are as follows:

1. Urogenital atrophy

As the number of years of amenorrhea increases, atrophic changes will continue for life without hormone replacement therapy. Because of vaginal atrophy and low resistance, some women suffer from senile vaginitis and urinary tract infection. Some women suffer from tension incontinence, decreased muscle tension in the basin, uterine prolapse and so on.

2. Osteoporosis

The consequence is fracture. The incidence of fracture in elderly women is much higher than that in men. It often occurs 5-10 years after menopause, and is one of the common diseases that affect the health and quality of life of postmenopausal women. Therefore, adequate calcium injection must be ensured. Premenopausal women should map 1000 mg of elemental calcium per day, and postmenopausal women should inject 1500 mg per day.

3. Coronary heart disease

The incidence of coronary heart disease in premenopausal women is lower than that in men. After menopause, the incidence of coronary heart disease in women increases significantly. It can be concluded that estrogen has a certain protective effect on female cardiovascular. Postmenopausal coronary heart disease is also associated with hypertension, obesity, reduced physical activity, diabetes and so on.

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