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Women Female Vaginal Bleeding Should Be Careful How to Prevent Cervical Polyps Prevention,cervix,polyps,how,beware,vagina,bleeding,female October 13, 2019

The emergence of cervical polyps brings a lot of distress to female friends, and there is a certain possibility of malignant transformation of the disease, so facing cervical polyps, we can not ignore this disease, but should pay attention to it.

The pathogenic factors of cervical polyps are not only the stimulation of gynecological inflammation, but also related to women's dirty sexual life, childbirth and other factors, and are more likely to occur in women aged 30 to 50. So, what are the symptoms of cervical polyps?

Symptomatic manifestations of cervical polyps

1. Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding caused by cervical polyps is mainly drip bleeding, and the color of blood is not dark red, but mainly bright red. Some people have similar amount of bleeding to menstruation, so it is particularly easy to confuse with menstruation. Vaginal bleeding from cervical polyps can also occur in postmenopausal women, so menopausal women are mistaken for menstrual return. Of course, there are some patients who bleed a little during sex.

2. Leucorrhea abnormality

If a female friend gets cervical polyp, it can cause abnormal leucorrhea, such as yellow leucorrhea, in addition to accompanying odor. Some women can also find blood silk in the leucorrhea.

3. Discovery of tumors in uterine cavity and vaginal orifice

This mass can occur either individually or in multiple cases, most of which are grayish red and glossy. However, the volume is usually very small. The minimum diameter is only 1-2 mm. However, we can not underestimate these tumors, which can fill the whole uterine cavity when they occur frequently.

4. Lumbosacral pain

Patients with cervical diseases suffer from lumbosacral pain. Cervical polyps are no exception. If inflammation spreads to the main ligament, it can also cause pain in women's sexual life.

How to prevent cervical polyps

1. Changing underwear frequently, underwear and women's private direct contact, so whether underwear hygiene is directly related to the occurrence of gynecological diseases or not. Therefore, women should change their underwear frequently, and make sure they are clean and dry.

2. In the special period of menstruation, postpartum or after abortion, we should do a good job of cleaning the vulva. The irritating genital detergent should not be abused.

3. Pay attention to sexual health, for example, both parties should clean the vulva before sexual life to prevent the invasion of bacteria, mycoplasma and other bacteria. And sexual life should also be controlled, do not change sexual partners frequently, in order to ensure healthy sexual behavior.

4. If women have gynecological inflammation such as cervicitis and vaginitis, they must be treated actively. Never neglect treatment because the symptoms are not serious, and remember to go to the hospital for gynecological examination after treatment.

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