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Women Is bleeding during pregnancy an abortion? Take you to know the truth about bleeding during pregnancy Bleeding,pregnancy,truth,understanding,taking you,abortion,pregnancy October 13, 2019

Pregnancy should have been a pleasure, but some pregnant women bleed. Worried about miscarriage, he rushed to the hospital to find a doctor. This is the right way to do it. Just, if there is less bleeding and you feel no pain in your stomach, sometimes you don't need to worry too much.

Pregnancy bleeding is not unfamiliar to many people, but you know, bleeding in different pregnancy has its own characteristics:

1, abortion

The most common cause of bleeding in early pregnancy is miscarriage. In addition, the amount of bleeding at the beginning of abortion is relatively small, and the secretion color is often dark red or coffee. Abortion in early pregnancy sometimes has a dull pain in the lower abdomen, which is clinically called threatened abortion. If you follow the doctor's advice to deal with or rest in time, these symptoms will disappear in most cases, and you can continue to conceive.

But if there is an increase in bleeding, lower abdominal pain, and vaginal discharge of meat-like tissue, it is inevitable to abort.

If the pregnancy after the inevitable abortion is completely discharged from the body, the bleeding situation will gradually reduce, and the symptoms of abdominal pain will also be alleviated, which is complete abortion.

2. Extrauterine pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy should be careful of ectopic pregnancy, which is where fertilized eggs are implanted outside the endometrium, and ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous. Because it will cause rupture and bleeding of the tube wall as the embryo develops. When a woman has a large amount of blood in her stomach, it seriously threatens the safety of pregnant women because it can cause shock and even death.

If a woman has a history of pelvic infection, or has undergone uterine or fallopian tube surgery, she should be more vigilant. Because women who have had these operations are more likely to have ectopic pregnancy.

3. Hydatidiform mole

Another cause of vaginal bleeding is hydatidiform mole. Women with hydatidiform moles have intermittent small amounts of vaginal bleeding, during which there will be repeated and repeated massive bleeding. If women look carefully, blisters can be found in the blood.

Hydatidiform mole should be paid attention to. Women with hydatidiform mole will have severe vomiting during pregnancy and pregnancy induced hypertension. Therefore, pregnant women in the early pregnancy, the second trimester of pregnancy have such reactions must be immediately done a B-ultrasound examination.

4. Cervical erosion and cervical polyps

These two kinds of gynecological minor faults can also cause vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy, and these diseases can be found in time under the careful examination of doctors. In order not to confuse other diseases, a small operation will be performed during pregnancy. For example, remove cervical polyps.

Finally, the editor also reminds you that during embryo implantation in early pregnancy, there may be some bleeding, or some abdominal pain or discomfort, but as long as the patient takes more rest, it will disappear in a few days. So I hope female friends don't worry too much.

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