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Women Postpartum milk pain! 5 Recruitment you easy to do, try it! Hurry up,try,fix,teach you,raise milk,5 tricks,postpartum,relaxed October 13, 2019

After childbirth, many new mothers are facing the trouble of breast swelling: breast swelling is very painful, but the milk is not easy to come out, some are accompanied by fever, and even develop into mastitis, some mothers have to give up breastfeeding because of this.

Postpartum physiological breast swelling is most common in the 3rd to 4th day after the birth of the baby. At this time, the breast duct is not clear, and there is not much milk in the breast. Breast swelling is due to the increase of blood and lymph supply of the breast, which causes breast swelling and pain.

So, how can mothers get through the breast swelling successfully?

Early contact, early sucking

If the baby can contact the mother earlier after delivery, and it is better to start sucking breast milk within half an hour after birth, this can better alleviate the pain of physiological breast swelling of the new mother.

When the baby sucks the nipple, it will promote the secretion of milk. The sooner the baby starts sucking, the better the mother's breast duct can be dredged, the smoother the milk secretion, and the less painful the breast will be.

In addition, you can also suck adequately, the breast cold compress, in order to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Correct breastfeeding posture

Babies should not only suck early, but also suck effectively in order to better promote the secretion of milk. What is effective sucking?

First of all, the baby's breast-feeding posture should be correct.

The correct position with nipples is: the baby's jaw is attached to the breast, the mouth is wide open, the nipples and most of the areola are contained in the mouth. When the baby's lips are fitted, it can be seen that the baby's lips are fish-lip-like valgus. The areola above is more exposed than below. The baby has a slow and deep sucking, and sometimes can hear his swallowing.

Newborn babies are best able to suck 8 to 12 times a day to stimulate nipples and promote milk secretion.

Don't start drinking lactation soup too early

Pig hoof soup, fresh fish soup and other rich nutrition, not only conducive to the recovery of the mother's postpartum body, but also to help milk secretion.

But new mothers are also fastidious about postpartum supplements. Drinking milk soup too early, too much milk, will also make breasts swell, but will affect the baby's sucking.

It is generally recommended that new mothers start drinking lactation soup about a week after delivery, and then gradually increase it to adapt to the baby's food intake.

Hot compress before massage

Breast massage can improve and promote local blood circulation and milk secretion, and alleviate the discomfort of breast swelling.

Under the guidance of medical staff, we can learn the skills of breast massage: first, wash and heat compress the breasts (avoid nipples) with warm water, take the lying-in position or semi-sitting position, first squeeze a little milk on the massage site, then massage along the breast duct with finger pulp, spiral from the breast root to the nipple direction, and massage clockwise or counter-clockwise with both hands around the breast.

But if you don't know how to massage, don't press and squeeze randomly at home, so as not to cause breast local skin and breast tissue damage due to improper manipulation, so as to aggravate the pain.

Keep a cheerful mood

Emotions can also affect milk secretion, and pleasant moods can promote milk secretion.

Therefore, new mothers should establish confidence and firm belief, not too much mental burden, should maintain a happy mood and adequate sleep, so that they can successfully pass the period of breast-feeding, adhere to breast-feeding.

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