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Archives What are the symptoms of epilepsy? Five Symptoms of Epilepsy Epilepsy,symptoms,five major manifestations,manifestations,manifestations,where,several October 13, 2019

Epilepsy is a disease that can not be ignored. Even occasional seizures can affect the body. This epilepsy can be cured. So we should pay attention to this disease in our life. We should know more about this disease, especially the symptoms of this disease. Here we will introduce the symptoms and manifestations of this disease.

Five Symptoms of Epilepsy

Shake your head.

Early epilepsy in infants shakes their heads. In fact, parents can detect it in time at first. Because the early warning is that the baby's head will sweat a lot when breast-feeding or sleeping. It is the sweating that causes the local stimulation. Another sign is that babies are particularly prone to wake up when they go back to sleep. Babies are particularly easy to fall asleep. Because the baby's head pillow rubs against the baby's hair loss.

Forms of seizures

Epilepsy in children often occurs in three forms: epilepsy grand seizure, absence seizure and psychiatric seizure. If a child suddenly loses consciousness, his breathing stops temporarily, his mouth foams continuously, his tongue bites and urination are uncontrolled, his hands and feet twitch, and he falls asleep after twitching, and he wakes up unaware of his previous behavior.

III. Awareness Disorder

Infant patients suddenly lost consciousness for a short time. Children with epilepsy stopped talking and acting suddenly, accompanied by pale face. But the patient did not twitch, just his hand could not hold things. Even standing unsteadily. This is a manifestation of seizures.

IV. Abnormal Behavior

Abnormal behavior is more strange. The patient's performance was unilateral. Abnormal behavioral manifestations occurred in one side of the mouth, eyelid, finger and toe. It can also be manifested as short-term convulsions or numbness and tingling on one side of the face and extremities. This type of epilepsy lasts for more than a minute. In addition, there are manifestations of this type, such as multiple hallucinations, illusions and unconscious movements.

V. Limb Painful Epilepsy

The onset of epilepsy is characterized by pain in the extremities and joints, so it is often misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, neurosis, radiculitis or childhood paralysis. After having limb pain epilepsy, there are often paroxysmal severe limb pain, sudden occurrence, sudden stop, without drugs can also be self-relief, the patient's consciousness is clear when the attack.

Above is about the performance of epilepsy-related symptoms, as long as efforts are made to treat, epilepsy can be cured, so we still need to pay more attention to the symptoms of the disease, more understanding of the symptoms, because only to understand the symptoms can be a good understanding of the disease, timely identification of the disease, early treatment of the disease, in order to avoid delays in treatment.

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