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Archives What should we pay attention to in sciatica Sciatica,neuralgia,what,precautions,attention,usually,should October 13, 2019

Most friends with sciatica are accompanied by lumbar arthralgia, because most of the sciatica is caused by lumbar disc herniation. So, if there is sciatica, what should we pay attention to at ordinary times?

Notices for Sciatica

1. Friends with sciatica should prevent bacterial and viral infections

Primary sciatica, also known as sciatitis, is an inflammation of the nerve interstitium. After infection of teeth, paranasal sinuses and tonsils, toxins produced by bacteria or viruses invade the blood and cause sciatica. Therefore, bacterial or viral infection can not only stimulate the occurrence of sciatica, but also aggravate the condition of sciatica.

2. Do not abuse hormone drugs

The medicine of sciatica can stimulate the stomach to a certain extent, and should be used cautiously in patients with stomach diseases. Hormone drugs are only used in acute phase, so long-term use should be avoided and abuse should be avoided.

3. Standing, sitting and sleeping posture

Sciatica is closely related to standing posture, sitting posture and sleeping posture. Many people suffer from sciatica because of the wrong posture. Therefore, it is very important to develop good habits.

4. Friends with sciatica should prevent wind, cold and dampness from invading

Wind-cold and dampness pathogens can block the blood and Qi of human body and obstruct the meridians, which is an important factor causing sciatica and the cause of aggravation of the condition of sciatica. In winter, friends can wear warm belts to give waist warmth.

Through the introduction of the above content, I believe you have a better understanding of what should be paid attention to in the daily life of sciatica. I hope everyone can get away from the trouble of sciatica and enjoy a free and comfortable life!

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