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Archives Mothers should pay attention to these symptoms in the early stage of hydrocephalus in children. These,symptoms,early stage,hydrops,attention,children,mothers October 13, 2019

What are the common symptoms in the early stage of children's hydrocephalus? Many children with hydrocephalus have more serious symptoms when they see a doctor. At this time, they often regret that they can come earlier and ask: Doctor, what symptoms may occur in children with hydrocephalus?

Early symptoms of hydrocephalus in children

1. Acute hydrocephalus:The main symptoms of patients, especially infants, were head circumference abnormality, intracranial hypertension, halogenation and MacEwen's sign, sunset eye sign, nervous system dysfunction, etc.

2. Peripheral anomalies:Abnormal enlargement of head circumference is more common at birth or shortly after birth, and progressive enlargement of head circumference occurs in the following months or even weeks. Some children can not even erect their neck due to excessive head weight.

3. Symptoms of internal hypertension:The main symptoms of intracranial hypertension are headache and vomiting, which are common in children with hydrocephalus.

4. Door widening:Widening of halogen door is often seen in front chimney and tension. Some children's back chimney or side chimney can also split.

5. Acewen sign:Macewen sign refers to percussion on the top of a child's head, showing a solid drum sound, that is, "broken pot sound".

6. Daily eye sign:Sunset eye sign is one of the important signs of hydrocephalus children. It means that the lower part of the eyeball sinks below the lower eyelid, and the upper vision of the children is limited and the two eyeballs turn down.

7. Dysfunction of the menstrual system:Neurological dysfunction is more common in patients with hydrocephalus caused by tumors, but if the condition is allowed to develop, patients may have motor dysfunction, visual impairment, growth and development disorders, mental retardation, limb spastic paralysis and consciousness disorders.

8. Other:Children with hydrocephalus may also suffer from mental retardation, retardation, irritability, convulsions, endocrine dysfunction, etc.

Warm reminder:The symptoms of hydrocephalus patients are more obvious. If parents can observe the changes of children carefully, most of them can find abnormalities. Once it is found that the child may have hydrocephalus, parents must seek medical treatment in time to help the child to clarify the condition as soon as possible, and do relevant treatment.

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