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Avoid Sudden death of a woman after soaking her feet is not suitable for these four kinds of people. Feet,human like,unsuitable,death,woman,suddenly October 13, 2019

Recently, media reported that a 46-year-old woman Liu in Wuhan died of aneurysm rupture due to improper foot soaking. In this regard, doctors pointed out that frequent foot soaking is not suitable for everyone. Diabetics, pregnant women and patients with dermatosis of the foot should pay special attention.

Four kinds of people should not soak their feet

1. For patients with lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans:For this kind of patients, lower limb ischemia, limb cold, hot water feet have no use. In these patients, arteriosclerosis and elasticity were significantly reduced, and hot water blistering feet did not dilate the hardened occluded vessels. On the contrary, it aggravates ischemia and even necrosis. If the patient does not pay attention to it, or has been unable to find the cause of the disease, he will eventually face the consequences of amputation.

2. Patients with varicose veins:The main cause of varicose veins is venous valve insufficiency. When soaking feet, the increase of foot temperature will only increase the local blood flow, and can not change the speed of venous reflux. On the contrary, it may increase the burden of venous reflux, lead to further expansion of varicose veins, aggravate lower limb congestion and aggravate the condition.

3. Diabetic patients:Diabetic foot is a common complication of diabetes mellitus, in which some patients with neuropathic diabetic foot can show cold feet and legs. Therefore, hot water foot soaking can easily become a comfortable choice. However, once neuropathy exists, the patient's sensory feedback mechanism to pain and water temperature fails. As a result, patients often keep heating water, even if it has been severely scalded, but also do not know.

4. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients are not suitable for foot soaking.High water temperature will stimulate nerve capillary dilation, high temperature will accelerate blood flow, increase the burden of heart and blood vessels in a short period of time, there is a risk of aggravating the condition.

There is a "three no" and "two degrees" in soaking feet.

"Three no"

Don't soak your feet immediately after mealsFoot soaking after meals is the choice of many people, but it should be noted that because the digestion of stomach after meals needs blood supply, foot soaking will drain blood to other parts of the body. In order to avoid causing indigestion, it is recommended to soak feet one hour after meals.

Don't read or watch TV while soaking your feetIt's very pleasant to watch TV and read books and newspapers while soaking your feet, but in fact, it's not a good habit. Reading and watching TV need to concentrate on, the brain to concentrate on blood supply, feet also have poor temperature perception, it is recommended to listen to some light music when soaking feet, relax body and mind.

Don't go to bed immediately after soaking your feet.It is also a choice for many people to soak their feet before going to bed. After soaking our feet, we will think that our body is warmer. It is better to sleep directly with a quilt. In fact, after soaking our feet, the temperature does not reach the whole body completely. At this time, we suggest that we massage our feet and legs so as to spread heat to the whole body, so that we can sleep more warmly in winter.

"Two degrees"

temperatureIn winter, most people like to use very hot water to soak their feet, but the temperature is too high to cause excessive vasodilation, excessive reflux, dizziness and dizziness. Therefore, the temperature of soaking feet is generally recommended at about 45 degrees Celsius.

Length of timeSometimes when we soak our feet, we soak for half an hour or even longer unconsciously while listening to music. However, too long time soaking our feet will not only lead to excessive blood reflux, dizziness and distension, but also bad for the skin. It is prone to local skin dryness and other problems. 20-25 minutes is enough.

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