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Avoid What dietary taboos can scarlet fever patients not eat? What,taboos,diet,eating,scarlet fever,patients October 13, 2019

What can't scarlet fever eat? Parents need to pay more attention to the daily diet, which will stimulate the baby's condition and affect recovery. The following is a dietary taboo about scarlet fever, which needs to be remembered.

Dietary taboos in scarlet fever patients

1. Avoid foods that are too sweet or salty

Too much sweet food will increase body temperature and heat, and lead to indigestion and loss of appetite in children. And salty food such as salted fish, salted vegetables, pickled meat, baked faucet will stimulate the throat of children, increase mucus secretion, serious illness.

2. Avoid hair

What can scarlet fever not eat? Hair is easy to help fire and phlegm, scarlet fever children eat hair will lead to increased body temperature, exacerbated rash, aggravate the condition. This kind of food includes dog meat, mutton, finch meat, cock meat, black fish, crucian carp, eel, shrimp, crab, coriander, pumpkin and so on.

3. Avoid spicy

Spicy food fire, will directly stimulate the throat of children, resulting in increased tonsillar pain. This kind of food mostly belongs to condiments, such as pepper, hot sauce, hot oil, curry, ginger, onion, spicy powder, etc.

4. Avoid cold drinks

Some parents want to make their children comfortable with cold drinks because of their high fever. But cold drinks can lead to loss of appetite and even abnormal digestion. Therefore, warm drinks and boiled water should be given to children.

5. Avoid vegetables and fruits with longer fibers

Scarlet fever in children is usually accompanied by pharyngeal symptoms, throat congestion and swelling, to swallow more difficult. Because of the poor digestion of intestine and stomach caused by high fever, we should avoid eating vegetables and fruits with long fibers, such as bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, leek, bean sprouts, pineapple, onion, sweet potato, taro, etc.

6. Avoid heat fruit

Children who eat hot fruits are easy to ignite fire. Therefore, they should avoid eating longan meat, litchi, jujube, raisins and oranges during high fever. Children should eat less.

7. Avoid frying

Fried food is hot and oily, and scarlet fever is not conducive to children's condition after eating. All deep-fried foods, such as fried pork chops, fried steak, hemp balls, twist, fried strips, roast duck, roast mutton, roast fish fillets and so on, can not be eaten by children.

Dietary principles of scarlet fever patients

In the early stage of scarlet fever, due to high fever and congestion and swelling of the pharynx, sufficient liquid should be supplied to help the discharge of toxins in the body. It can give a light and digestible liquid diet. In the recovery period, the child has already abated the fever and the rash has begun to peel. At this time, it can be changed to a half-fluid diet with less oil and residue to supplement nutrition. During the treatment, the child should pay attention to bed rest. Do not contact other children for hospitalization or isolation at home.

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