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Avoid What should Silicosis Patients Pay Attention to when They Can't Eat What Diet What,should,pay attention to,diet,can eat,silicosis,patients October 13, 2019

I believe many people know that there are many things that are not suitable for silicosis patients to eat, especially in the rehabilitation period, once the wrong diet may lead to aggravation of lung disease. So, what foods are not suitable for silicosis patients? Let's introduce the diet of silicosis.

What can silicosis patients not eat?

1, pepper

Daxin is hot food. Zhu Danxi, a famous doctor of the Yuan Dynasty, once said, "Pepper dryness causes great damage to the spleen, stomach and lungs, and for a long time causes great damage to the qi. Everyone who suffers from Qi illness will benefit greatly from the disaster." Silicosis patients with insufficient lung gas, do not eat pepper.

2, areca

Temperature, bitter taste, insecticidal breakdown, injuring people's integrity. As the "Materia Medica Mengqi" said: "betel nut, long-term wear is damaging the true Qi, more wear is the highest Qi." People who suffer from silicosis for a long time are weak in physique and lack of vital energy. They must not eat too much and eat too long.

3. Cigarettes

Silicosis patients should be absolutely prohibited from smoking. The main toxic components of cigarettes are nicotine, also known as nicotine. People with silicosis have difficulty breathing, and the ability of alveolar oxygen exchange decreases. After smoking, due to the corrosion of nicotine, mucosal inflammation can be caused, leading to respiratory failure and death.

4, salt

Cold sex, salty taste. "Bie Lu" records: "More food hurts the lungs and coughs." "Materia Medica Yanyi" also warned: "Cough prohibition." Therefore, for those with chronic silicosis, diet should be light and not salty.

5, apricot

Warm sex. According to the experience of ancient doctors, it is not good for silicosis patients to eat more food to help heat and produce phlegm. "Materia Medica Yanyi" said: "more ulcers and upper diaphragm fever. "Dietary Notes" also pointed out: "Eat more dizziness, make diaphragm heat phlegm, movement and disease." The folk proverb also says, "Peach is full, apricot hurts." Therefore, silicosis patients should avoid eating it.

Above is what we are introducing to you about the diet of silicosis should pay attention to, I do not know if you have understood and mastered it? In fact, no matter what the disease, only a reasonable and healthy diet is the kingdom.

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