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Archives What is the effect and function of dodder Dodder,function,what is it,efficacy October 13, 2019

Dodder Alias Chanzhen, Bean Parasitism, Douyan King, Huang Si, Huang Si Teng, Jin Si Teng, etc., annual parasitic herbs, Dodder medicinal Gan, Wen, Guishen, liver, spleen Jing, is an ancient Chinese medicine, in the "Shennong Herbal Classic" is listed as "top-grade" medicines, but also a magic medicine for health and longevity. Let's see the efficacy and role of Dodder next!

Tonifying liver and kidney

Dodder sweet, warm, return to the kidney, liver, spleen meridian, with the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, often used in liver and kidney insufficiency, lumbar and knee weakness, kidney deficiency fetal leakage, spleen and kidney deficiency diarrhea and other symptoms.

Solidification and contraction of urine

Dodder sweet and bitter slightly warm, observe the neutrality of qi, can tonify deficiency, warm can help yang, enter the kidney meridian, Tonify Kidney Yang and kidney qi to strengthen the essence and yang, can improve sexual capacity and reproductive endocrine, with warm but not dry, tonify but not stagnant characteristics, used for impotence semen, residual urine, enuresis frequency, etc.

Anti abortion

The flavonoids of Cuscuta chinensis have estrogen-like effects, but also have effects on placenta and villus cells. They can achieve the goal of fetal protection by reducing the abortion rate. They have the effect of fetal safety. They are often used to treat kidney deficiency, fetal instability and slippery fetus.


Cuscuta chinensis can alleviate lens opacity, delay and treat galactose cataract, and have no adverse effects on growth and development. The water decoction of Cuscuta chinensis can basically restore the activities of aldose reductase, polyol dehydrogenase, hexokinase and catalase in cataract lens, and can be used for dizziness and tinnitus.

To stop diarrhea

Dodder, like the two meridians of the spleen and kidney, can nourish the kidney, replenish the spleen and stop diarrhea, and can be used to treat diarrhea caused by deficiency of both spleen and kidney.

Dispelling wind and eliminating spots

Dodder for external use can relieve wind and freckles, and skin smear after soaking in wine can be used to treat vitiligo and other symptoms.

Strengthen immunity

Dodder can increase the wet weight of thymus and spleen immune organs, enhance the phagocytosis of peritoneal macrophages, promote the proliferation of splenic lymphocytes, induce interleukin production, and effectively enhance the body's immunity.


The ethanol extract of Cuscuta chinensis can inhibit the division and proliferation of human gastric cancer cells cultured in vitro.

Reminder:Although Cuscuta chinensis is a kind of medicine for tonifying Yin and Yang, it is not suitable for people with deficiency of Yin and excessive fire, dry stool and short red urine to take Cuscuta chinensis.

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