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Archives Do you know what is Alisma orientalis? The efficacy and function of Alisma orientalis Alisma orientalis,efficacy,function,know,what October 13, 2019

The name of Alisma orientalis is unfamiliar to all of us, but if you are a Northeastern person, you must be familiar with it. Alisma orientalis mainly a kind of traditional Chinese medicine growing in Northeast China. It has very beautiful flowers for people to watch and it can also help treat diseases. Next, let's see what Alisma orientalis, about the efficacy and function of Alisma orientalis.

What is Alisma orientalis?

Alisma orientalis is a perennial aquatic or marshy herb, the whole plant is poisonous, underground tuber is more toxic, tuber diameter 1-3.5 cm, or larger, anthers about 1 mm long, elliptic, yellow, or light green,; achene elliptic, or nearly rectangular, seed purple-brown, protuberant. Heilongjiang, Jilin and other provinces and regions, can be used for flower ornamental, also can be used as medicine, the main treatment of nephritis edema, pyelonephritis, enteritis diarrhea, urinary disadvantage and other symptoms.

Effectiveness and Function of Alisma orientalis

1. Fatty liver can be prevented

Alisma orientalis can control the fat content in human blood, prevent the deposition of fat in the liver and other important parts, and has a certain inhibitory effect on the incidence of fatty liver. In China, the incidence of fatty liver is higher and younger. In the prevention and treatment of fatty liver, Alisma orientalis has a good effect.

2. It can kill bacteria and resist inflammation.

According to the experiment, it is good to boil Alisma into decoction. After feeding mice, it can treat the contact dermatitis of mice and inhibit the hypersensitivity of mice. When the body has inflammation, most doctors will use Alisma orientalis to give patients anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, in these aspects, Alisma is very effective.

3. Diuresis

The effect of Alisma orientalis is diuretic. Alisma orientalis is a natural diuretic. Boiling Alisma orientalis with water into soup juice can accelerate the formation of urine in vivo after taking it, which is conducive to the elimination of toxins in vivo. In addition to boiling water and boiling juice, Alisma orientalis can also be made into extract, the efficacy is very good. For people with inflammation, Alisma orientalis can not only reduce inflammation, but also accelerate bacterial excretion through urination.

Warm tips:When using Alisma orientalis, you can use Alisma orientalis alone or with Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, Cinnamomum twig, Polyporus umbellatus, Magnolia officinalis, orange peel, Atractylodes macrocephala, Plantagonis, Rehmannia, Cornus officinalis, Mutong and other traditional Chinese medicines. People with kidney deficiency and slippery essence are not allowed to take Alisma orientalis

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