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Archives How to Supplement Vitamin B Supplement,vitamin,how,method October 13, 2019

Vitamin B is a necessary nutrient for human daily growth and development. We usually get vitamin B through daily diet. But many people, especially the unbalanced diet, lead to the lack of vitamin B in the body. A long time in the state of vitamin B deficiency will cause great harm to the human body. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to the lack of vitamin B. Next, let's look at the methods of vitamin B supplementation.

1. vegetables

We usually eat cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli and cabbage and so on are rhizome food, these foods are relatively simple, whether cold or fried alone is a good choice, the key is that these vegetables contain vitamin B is very rich.

2. millet

There are not only abundant vitamin B in millet, but also phosphorus and other minerals in it. Usually you can make some millet porridge to eat. It tastes very good.

3. brown rice

It tastes bad and is not easy to cook, so many people do not like it, but the nutrition of brown rice can not be ignored, especially vitamin B content is very rich.

4. Whole wheat flour

What we call wholemeal flour here is not the delicate flour we see on the market at present, but the rougher flour with germs, which is rich in vitamin B.

5. Take vitamin B tablets

At present, there are vitamin B tablets sold in pharmacies or major health food stores. The effective ingredients of vitamin B tablets produced by different brands are also different. Some of them help to supplement vitamin B, but also help to supplement zinc and other nutrients.

Above is the method of vitamin B supplementation, you can supplement vitamin B from the diet, you can also supplement it through drugs, but it is suggested to supplement vitamin B from the adjustment of dietary structure, because drugs can not be taken for a long time, will have certain side effects on the body, from the fifteenth five will not have any side effects.

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