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Avoid What foods can't pregnant women eat? Pregnant women's dietary taboos Pregnant women,diet,taboos,food,can eat,which October 13, 2019

In daily life, every food has its own nutritional value, but pregnant women as a special group, if they are not careful to eat these foods, may threaten the safety of mother and child. Therefore, it is important to know what foods you can't eat during pregnancy. So what foods can't pregnant women eat? Let's have a look next.

1. Aloe Vera

According to the information provided by the Chinese Food Science and Technology Association, if pregnant women drink aloe vera juice excessively, they are prone to abdominal pain, vomiting, hematochezia and even miscarriage.

2. crabs

Crab tastes delicious, but its cold nature, has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so it has adverse effects on pregnant women, should be careful to eat.

3. coix seed

Chinese medicine believes that the quality of Coix is smooth and smooth, and has exciting effect on uterine smooth muscle, which can promote uterine contraction and has the possibility of inducing abortion. Therefore, caution should be taken.

4. purslane

Portulaca oleracea medicinal cold and smooth, has obvious exciting effect on the uterus, can increase the number of uterine contractions, intensity, easy to cause abortion, so it should be taken cautiously.

5. soft shelled turtle

Because of the salty and cold nature of the turtle, it has a strong effect of dredging blood vessels and dispersing blood stasis, so it has some disadvantages of abortion, so pregnant women should take it carefully.

6. rabbit meat

Rabbit meat is a kind of cold food, which can cool blood and invigorate blood circulation, but can easily damage people's yang. Wang Mengying, a dietitian in the Qing Dynasty, once recorded in the Diet of Living with Restaurant: "Rabbit meat is sweet and cold, cold blood, eating more damages Yuanyang, especially for pregnant mothers."

7. pepper

Temperature, spicy taste, ancient physicians also think it is small toxicity. According to previous experience, pregnant women should not eat more pepper. For example, in the Diet of Living with Your Own Living, it is said that abortion should be induced by eating more food. The Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine also clearly warns that pregnant women should take it cautiously.

8. arrowhead

Cigu has the function of promoting blood circulation. In the Diet of Living with Your Living, it is clearly pointed out that Cigugong specializes in breaking blood, drenching, skidding and promoting orifices. Eat more blood, especially pregnant women. There is also a warning in Japanese Herbal Medicine that pregnant people should not be eaten. Especially in the early pregnancy and the history of habitual abortion, it should be avoided. Because the products of activating blood circulation and breaking blood circulation and eliminating obstetric complications are unfavorable to pregnancy.

Above is the introduction of the food that pregnant women can not eat. The above mentioned food, pregnant women must pay attention to, during pregnancy, it is best not to eat these, otherwise it may affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

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