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Avoid Taboo people taking L-carnitine Taboo,carnitine,levo-rotation,crowd,taking October 13, 2019

We should have the ability to distinguish the "green safety, no side effects" declared by many businessmen. Although L-carnitine is good, L-carnitine is also suitable for people and taboos. Not all types of obese people can expect it. Let's learn about the taboos of L-carnitine.

1. Without exercise, the main function of L-carnitine in the body is to transport fat to mitochondria. Therefore, L-carnitine is not a direct product to lose weight. It is ineffective to eat L-carnitine alone without exercise. Exercise must be the first.

2. Take the wrong time. L-carnitine works from 1 hour to 6 hours after taking it. For people who have already used L-carnitine, only after taking L-carnitine for 1 hour and cooperating with moderate intensity aerobic training for 1 to 2 hours can they lose some weight.

3. Taboo long-term use, long-term use of L-carnitine will increase the risk of atherosclerosis, because L-carnitine is used by bacteria in the human intestinal tract, will produce trimethylamine oxide, this substance may lead to atherosclerosis, so taking L-carnitine should adopt the principle of discontinuity.

4. Taboo excessive supplementation has great side effects. When L-carnitine is used more than one gram a day, some people will nausea and vomit. Therefore, it must be clear that the dosage of L-carnitine should not be exceeded. At the same time, patients with kidney disease are forbidden to take L-carnitine.

To sum up, L-carnitine is not suitable for long-term use, nor can it be taken in large doses. In addition, menstrual women, patients with liver and kidney disease, patients with hypertension and heart disease, pregnant and lactating women, children and extremely weak people are not suitable for L-carnitine.

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