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Avoid What taboos should AIDS patients pay attention to in their diet AIDS,patients,taboos,what,diet,attention October 13, 2019

AIDS is an infectious sexually transmitted disease, if infected with AIDS, there are many places to pay attention to in diet, then what should AIDS patients pay attention to in diet? Let's look at the taboos of AIDS patients.

1. Frozen food

Frozen food directly stimulates the intestine and stomach, and often eats it will affect the health of the intestine and stomach. Frozen foods that need to be thawed and heated can destroy nutrients and easily infect bacteria, which is harmful to the body.

2. Stimulant food

AIDS patients have many complications, weak physique, weak spleen and stomach, and low immune function, so smoking, alcohol and hot and sour stimulating food should be avoided as far as possible.

3. Wine

Alcohol hurts the body, especially the stomach and liver. Any decline in organ health index will accelerate the development of AIDS.

4. Smoke

Smoke contains a large amount of nicotine, which can cause cancer, the greatest damage to the respiratory system, leading to a decline in the body's immunity.

5. Seafood

AIDS patients should eat less seafood, because seafood is mostly hair, which has adverse effects on the health of AIDS patients. It is suggested that AIDS patients eat more food rich in vitamins and proteins, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, and exercise at the same time, so as to help the recovery of the body.

6. Fatty and greasy food

Eat fat and greasy food carefully. Fat meat, sugar, milk and sweet and other foods, many of them are rich, fat and sweet congestion, easy to make ribbon AIDS damp-heat toxin hidden, the disease lingering.

Warm tips:Fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten, especially foods rich in carotene (such as spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots), vitamin C (such as green pepper, orange, broccoli, spinach), vitamin E (such as hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, almonds) and zinc (such as oysters, shellfish, cereals).

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