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Men How do men with oligozoospermia eat what can be food conditioning Food,conditioning,what,less sperm,weak sperm,how to do,male October 14, 2019

Arginine food

In diet, we should pay attention to eating more arginine-containing foods. The main reason is that arginine is conducive to spermatogenesis, which is the essential raw material for sperm production. For foods rich in arginine, such as soybeans, there are also products, such as yam, ginkgo, sea cucumber, pumpkin and so on. It should be noted that celery is taboo.

Trace Elements Zinc and Vitamin E

If trace elements zinc and vitamin E are deficient, it will lead to oligozoospermia. As for zinc, it has an effect on sperm number and survival rate. If zinc is deficient, it will lead to the atrophy of vas deferens. Therefore, it can be supplemented with Kaybell Protein Zinc Selenium Chewable Tablets. Foods high in zinc in life include oysters, seafood, animal liver, beef, laver and so on. Oysters are high in cholesterol and should not be eaten every day.

Foods Containing Sex Hormones

It is very good to eat some foods rich in sex hormones, such as sheep, pigs, dogs, chicken liver, testicles, bullwhip, which can promote spermatogonial division and mature sperm production.

Eat more sugary foods

What is good for men with asthenospermia? If the concentration of fructose in semen is low, it is easy to cause spermatozoa. And fructose fruits in honey, such as pears, apples, grapes, pineapples, must pay attention to disturbance signals.

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