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Women Moxibustion of Perineum Point for Gynecological Diseases Perineum,Moxibustion,Treatment,Gynecological Diseases October 14, 2019

There is an important cave in the dense part of the human body: the sea floor.

This acupoint is also called perineal acupoint, Yinqiao acupoint, orifice of life and death, submarine wheel, etc. Anatomically, in the center of the bulbocavernosum, there are superficial and deep transverse perineal muscles, branches of perineal arteries and veins, and branches of perineal nerves.

In addition to the knowledge provided by anatomy, there are many secrets of the human body in the seabed, which have always been attached great importance to by the Secret Sect and Taoism.

The location of the perineum is in the scrotum, and the male is at the midpoint of the line between the scrotum root and the anus. The midpoint of the posterior union of the labia majoris and the anal connection for women.

Regular massage of perineal acupoints can dredge the internal pulse junction, promote the transition and circulation of yin and Yang qi, and have a unique role in regulating physiological and reproductive functions.

Massage perineal points can also treat hemorrhoids, hematochezia, constipation, gynecological diseases, frequency of urination, drowning, asphyxia, prostatitis and other symptoms.

Seabed: the Source of Human Thermal Energy Supply

According to the Tantric Sect, a powerful spiritual serpent lies dormant on the bottom of the sea, in the shape of three and a half crouches, with its head hanging down.

Once the serpent is awakened, it will erupt a strong "spiritual heat" (also known as humble fire, spiritual power), which will enable people to get a healthy body and extraordinary energy, and will appear incredible functions.

So Yoga said, "If you understand the secret of fire, this kind of person is the real enlightener."

According to Mr. Li Wanghua, internal skill training can make this energy increase continuously. Before this energy is awakened, the practice of internal merit depends entirely on the efforts and wills of everyone. Therefore, there are some difficulties in the progress of internal work. However, once this energy is awakened, the practice of internal work will be different, and it will provide us with continuous power to practice.

Thus, the submarine wheel is the basic wheel and the source of human thermal energy supply. It is closely related to the function of gonad and kidney.

Seabed-the key point to penetrate the whole body's vital energy

The Taoists also did a lot of research on the seabed. Zhang Ziyang pays special attention to the effect of this point. In his Eight Meridians, he said, "The Yinqiao pulse is scattered in the Danjing, and its name is quite many... Upper Tongmu Pill, Lower Tongyong Spring. True Qi gathers and disperses, all of which are connected by the circulation of Qiao and Qi. Harmony rises upward, Yang grows and Yin disappears, fire in the water and flowers in the snow. The thirty-six palaces are spring. Those who get it are physically healthy and have a strong face. Before the tail of Kundi, after the bladder, under the small intestine, above the tortoise. This is the root of the growing vitality of heaven and earth, and the land of lead production." The book "The Direction of Life Law", written by Zhao Xiandun, an old man of the Taoist Longmen School, describes in detail the ten steps of opening the eight channels of the Qijing. Each step is centered around the bottom of the sea, so that the air moves up and down the eight channels and back and forth. Therefore, the bottom of the sea is called the total root of the eight channels. If you do not understand, please search for public pulse health consultation, disease search, doctor online consultation.

Taoists also believe that the bottom of the sea is an iron door, nine arrows are difficult to wear. As long as the bottom of the sea is opened, it is not difficult to display the orifice and switch. The method is: concentrate on the air, shine on the bottom of the sea under the divine light, forget the shape and have no self, and make the rest come to its root. To a certain stage, do not hand in but hand in, do not take in but take in, one breath feeling, naturally also.

Seabed, the effective part of a relaxed body

There are many ways to relax in the past and in the present, and the pine at the bottom of the sea has the effect of pulling the trigger and moving the whole body. When the seabed is loose, the whole body is loose. Mr. Liu Hanwen, the successor of Zen Secret Gong, said, "Song is in perineum. Ancient known as "body crispness", that is, relax the perineum, maintain a slight "sexy". To do this, can guide the whole body muscle and joints loose, and can lead to spiritual comfort, easy to quiet and breathe naturally.

Seabed-with the function of leak-proof and deviation-correcting

Sperm ejaculation has always been regarded as a taboo by the Dans, which is called "leak Dan". Ancient Danjia used wooden pedestals like steamed buns to hold back the Valley Road in order to prevent leakage of Dandan. Such a coercive means of losing nature seems to be a bad way. If we intentionally keep the bottom of the sea for a moment, the Yang gradually falls down, where can we leak the Dan?

Seabed - one point open and one hundred points open

After a long time of practicing the Taoist health preservation method, the author also strengthened the training of the seabed and mid-vein, and carried out the practice of waking up the spiritual snake. Initially, breeze-like air flows from the sea floor descend along the thighs. With the progress of training, the seabed gradually appears a sense of tightness and looseness. When tight, the seabed sucks in; when loose, the downward flow of air is accompanied by pleasure. The opening and closing of the seabed is a precursor to the first awakening of spiritual snakes.

During a practice, the seabed produces a strong rhythmic response of suction, pain and relaxation. With the increase of temperature, it is like a raging fire burning. When it reaches an intolerable sensation of roasting, suddenly, a violent heat sprays out from the seabed, rotates up along the middle vein and rushes straight to Baihui Point. Suddenly, the head cracked, the skull cracked, the eyes spat gold, the whole body vibrated and twisted, and its potential rocks shocked the whole world! _____________ The sleeping serpent finally awakens, and the great energy comes from the bottom of the sea! After heat energy passes through the mid-vein to reach Baihui, it goes down along Ren vein, crosses the sea bottom and rushes upward, breaking through the bamboo ground to attack "Sanguan", and turns around naturally for several times, which is what Taoists call "Xiaozhou Tian", and then flows to the limbs, realizing "Dazhou Tian".

According to the author's personal experience: the seabed is inseparable, so it's difficult to serve as a governor. Li Shizhen said: "This pulse is only pulsating, all the veins are connected." When the seabed is open, all the points are open; when the mid-vein is open, all the veins are open. Grasping the opening of the seabed is undoubtedly a shortcut to improve the level of training, and will get twice the result with half the effort.

[Essentials of Health Care]

Perineal point and perineal point are the main points on the human body's Ren Meridian. It is located in the middle depression of human anus and genitals.

Perineal Point Health Care is very important for human longevity.

Perineum, as its name implies, is the intersection of yin meridians and qi. This point is a straight line with Baihui point on the top of human head, and it is the channel of human essence and qi. Baihui is connected by Yang and perineum is connected by Yin and receives earth gas. They are interdependent and similar. They control the normal operation of true Qi on Ren Du's two veins and maintain the balance of yin, yang, Qi and blood in the body. They are the key parts of human life activities.

Regular massage of perineal acupoints can dredge the internal pulse junction, promote the transition and circulation of yin and Yang qi, and have a unique role in regulating physiological and reproductive functions.

Massage perineal points can also treat hemorrhoids, hematochezia, constipation, gynecological diseases, frequent urination, drowning and asphyxia.

[Health care methods]

1. Point method

The year before bedtime, lie half-seated, put the index finger on the T-step to make the vagina return elastic on the back of the middle finger, press 108 times of the perineum with the end of the middle finger, and take the feeling of soreness as the degree.

2. Intention to abide by the law

Posture is unlimited, the whole body relaxes, will concentrate on the perineal point, hold the perineum for about 15 minutes, over time, the perineum is real impulse feeling, and feel the body light and comfortable.

3. Lifting Kidney and Reducing Points

Take stand, relax the whole body, take in the lower abdomen when inhaling, lift the anus (such as stool-like), then lift the perineum and suck in. When exhaling, the abdomen bulges and the anus will relax. A total of 36 breaths will be done.

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