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Women Aunt came to remember ten taboos Ten taboos,remember,aunt October 14, 2019

Dysmenorrhea must be one of the most troublesome and troublesome things for girls. Many people have unspeakable pain, not only stomachache, but also some symptoms such as abdominal pain and low back pain during menstruation. Therefore, in the face of these, you must pay attention to these taboos during aunt

Ten taboos on aunts

1. Don't beat your waist.

During menstruation, lumbar acid is very normal. It is caused by pelvic congestion. If we beat the waist at this time, it will aggravate lumbar acid and cause excessive bleeding and prolong menstruation.

2. Avoid sitting too long.

Sitting for a long time will make the local capillary pressure, affect blood circulation, blood can not flow smoothly, easily cause pelvic congestion, but also make the sanitary napkin close to vulva to breed bacteria.

3. Avoid raw cold and spicy.

Eating raw, cold and spicy food can prolong menstruation, cause menstrual disorders, and also cause menstrual pain.

4. Avoid strenuous exercise.

Menstruation feels fatigued. People who exercise intensely will be more tired, and intense exercise will cause excessive bleeding and prolong menstruation.

5. Avoid tub bath and sitz bath.

The tub bath and sitting bath wash all the bacterial spoils in the water. The tub bath and sitting bath can easily let the sewage into the vagina and cause infection.

6. Avoid drinking.

During menstruation, enzymes that break down alcohol receive less hormone secretion, which prevents the rapid breakdown of alcohol in the body, which may lead to alcoholism, and alcohol menstruation increases menstrual volume.

7. Avoid swimming during menstruation.

In public swimming pools, people will inevitably bring bacteria. Swimming during menstruation easily causes sewage to enter the vagina, which will cause cross infection.

8. Avoid extracting teeth.

During menstruation, platelet count decreases and coagulation function decreases. At this time, tooth extraction can cause massive bleeding.

9. Avoid sex.

Never walk in menstrual period, because menstruation is the loss of endometrium, at this time, the uterus will be injured, but also easy to bring bacteria, increase menstrual volume, prolong menstruation.

10. Avoid wearing tight pants.

Wearing tight pants is impermeable and easy to breed bacteria, and is not conducive to blood circulation can cause menstrual pain.

Five Attentions During Aunt's Period

1. Keep your mind at ease.

During menstruation, women tend to be restless because of the effect of hormone secretion. If we do not control our emotions at this time, it will in turn affect hormone secretion, worsen our mood, prolong menstruation, form a vicious circle, and more serious may lead to menstrual disorders. So during menstruation, we must keep a good attitude and keep a good mood.

2. Attention should be paid to cleanliness and hygiene.

During menstruation, when resistance is very weak, bacteria are easy to invade, so this period should pay more attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Clean the vulva with a special basin, preferably with warm boiling water, because the water heater is not high enough to kill bacteria in the water. Wash your hands before and after changing sanitary napkins.

3. Eat light.

During menstruation, digestive function is weakened. At this time, we should eat some food on the digestible list, but also ensure that the nutrition is reasonable every day. Avoid eating food that stimulates menstruation.

4. Keep warm.

During menstruation, the body's defense function is weakened. At this time, we should pay more attention to cold prevention and heat preservation to prevent colds, especially to keep the uterus warm. If the uterus gets cold, it will cause menstrual pain. If you have menstrual pain, you can use a hot water bag on your lower abdomen to relieve the pain.

5. Always change sanitary napkins.

Sanitary napkins are airtight, and there are excrements in them, which can easily breed bacteria, make the vagina infected, cause vaginitis and other symptoms. So sanitary napkins should be changed frequently, usually 2-3 hours, no matter how much or how little the menstruation is, they should be changed in time.

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