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Women Five Principles of Refusing to Be a Sugar Mom to Prevent Pregnancy Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes October 14, 2019

Principle 1 of diet during pregnancy: Intake correct carbohydrates

Sugar intake is to provide calories, maintain normal metabolism and avoid ketone production. Therefore, mothers should not stop eating starch without eating rice at all, but should try to avoid adding sucrose, granulated sugar, fructose, glucose, ice sugar, honey, maltose drinks and sweets, which can avoid the rapid increase of blood sugar after meals.

Dietary Principles during Pregnancy II: Eat Less and Eat More

In order to maintain a stable blood sugar level and avoid ketonemia, the distribution of meals is very important. Because a large amount of food at a time will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, and maternal fasting too long, prone to ketone body, so it is recommended to eat a small number of meals, the daily food should be divided into 5-6 meals. Especially to avoid the long distance between dinner and breakfast the next day, so refreshments should be added before going to bed.

Dietary Principles of Pregnancy III: Dietary Balance

Like normal pregnant women, mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus need to take in all aspects of nutrients in place, but more attention must be paid to calorie intake, nutrient distribution ratio and the number of meals.

Dietary Principles of Pregnancy IV: More Dietary Fiber Intake

Within the range of intake, eat more high-fiber foods, such as brown rice or grain rice instead of white rice, increase the intake of vegetables, eat fresh fruits instead of fruit juice, etc. This can delay the rise of blood sugar, help the control of blood sugar, and have a sense of fullness, but do not eat unlimited amounts of fruit.

Principle 5 of Diet during Pregnancy: Controlling the Total Amount of Food

The total diet of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus should also be well controlled, that is, to eat foods with high sugar content, the total amount of each day should be calculated. For example, if soybean products are eaten in this meal, the corresponding staple food intake needs to be reduced to ensure that blood sugar is at a normal level.

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