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Gym The right jogging posture. Are you running right? By the way,you run,pose,jog,run,right October 14, 2019

Foot landing

Some people think that when running, they should touch the ground with their forepaws. Others think that they should follow the ground. We recommend that the middle part be used to contact the ground first. Research shows that a good long distance runner usually lands with his feet in the ground. The jogger landed with his feet and heels, and the fast runner landed ahead of the jogger. We think that only sprinters and middle sprinters are suitable for landing on their feet. There may be exceptions, but it's a good way to focus on junior and intermediate runners. This reduces vibration, relieves pressure on calf muscles and tendons, and prepares for the next step.

Posture of buttocks and head

It's hard to imagine where your hips are when your feet are on the ground. Some people suggest that when landing, your feet should be at the end of your center of gravity, that is, the head, buttocks and feet should be aligned at three points. Keep your head straight and straight. Look straight ahead. When turning your head, you need to be very careful, usually turning from the upper part of your neck to avoid twisting your body and causing instability in your movement.

Arm posture

This position is that you can swing your arms instead of using a jogging stroller. First, the most important thing is not to stiffen your arms, clench your fists and bend your elbows completely. Keep relaxed. Bend your arms naturally above the waist line, not too high or too low. The two arms swing back and forth alternately to make the legs move in the opposite direction. Sprinters swing their arms back and forth when running on the runway. Many long-distance runners swing slightly in an arc, but good runners don't use their strength to swing their arms. In other words, don't wiggle your arms violently.


Don't raise your knees too high for long runs. Only sprinters or we need too high knees when we go up the hill.


The biggest problem for many long-distance runners is that they walk too long. Never do this. It will cause many injuries, including foot tendon pain, iliotibial tract pain and iliopsoas muscle pain. (** This pain does not come from the knee, but from the ligament, a ligament from the outside of the hip down to the tibia. The ligament narrows near the knee and rubs the tibia against the top of the knee as it bends. Long-term friction can lead to inflammation. Forty percent of runners experience iliotibial tract syndrome after five or more years of running.


When some people suggest how to calculate the time of breathing and breathing, we tell you to just keep deep and regular breathing. Many times the breath will adjust itself, running faster, breathing faster. Indeed, most runners breathe with their mouth or nose at the same time. It is impossible to breathe enough oxygen with their nose alone.

Uphill and downhill

Slowing down on the uphill is not a good idea in general. Speeding up on the uphill is not a good idea. Speed up swinging your arms and imagine you're pushing yourself up. Speed up the pace, imagine the train climbing up the hillside, and constantly inspire myself, I can be cautious downhill, slow down. Knees are at greatest risk downhill. Your quadriceps act as a brake. If you don't pay enough attention, it will overwork. In the game, you can lean forward slightly and rush forward, but not in training. In fact, in hilly running training, many people walk downhill to recover and prepare for the next uphill. It's a good way to rest and avoid excessive pressure on the knee when you go downhill.

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