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Gym Teach you a few easy ways to relieve muscle soreness after exercise Muscles,soreness,exercise,a few tricks,relaxation,relief,teach you October 14, 2019

Continue to exercise:

Don't lie down and rest after exercise. It's better to do some light exercises, such as walking slowly or stretching simply.

Drink plenty of water:

Drink more water after exercise, supplement plenty of water every day, and your body absorbs more water to help your muscles recover.

Take a shower:

Alternating hot and cold baths can promote blood flow and toxin release from the body. Bubbling hot baths can also be equivalent to massage, which can expand human tissues and relax muscles.

Hot compress:

Hot towel hot compress on sore muscles can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and accelerate the relief and recovery of sore muscles.


Massage sore areas to relax muscles, promote muscle blood circulation, help repair injury and alleviate spasm.

Dietary regulation:

Muscle fibers can be enlarged by eating more protein before exercise. Fruit juice can recover quickly after exercise. Fruit juice can restore blood sugar level.

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