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Gym Running has so many benefits that it takes persistence to be effective. Persistence,Effectiveness,Needs,Benefits,So many,Running October 14, 2019

Weight loss shaping

Running is a kind of aerobic breathing exercise. After running for 20 minutes, fat begins to burn. By running, we can achieve the goal of losing weight. It can make the muscles of the whole body contract and relax rhythmically, increase the muscle fibers and protein content. Muscle development is one of the signs of fitness.

Stay young

Adhere to running can strengthen metabolism, delay bone degenerative changes, prevent the occurrence of senile bone and joint diseases, so that you can delay aging.

Enhancing cardiopulmonary function

During exercise, the frequency and efficacy of heart beating are greatly improved, and the heart rate, blood pressure and elasticity of blood vessel wall are also increased. The maximum oxygen uptake of trained athletes can be increased by 33-60% compared with that of normal athletes.

Improving Sleep Quality

By running, the amount of blood and oxygen supplied to the brain can be increased by 25%, so that the quality of sleep at night can also be improved.

Improving performance

Long-term exercise helps improve sexual performance.

Enhancing gastrointestinal peristalsis

Running can enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase the secretion of digestive juice, improve digestive and absorptive capacity, thereby increasing appetite, supplementing nutrition and strengthening the body.

Reduce gynecological diseases and regulate menstruation

For women, running helps regulate menstruation and reduce gynecological diseases. American obstetrician and gynecologist Shango Geiger investigated the menstrual cycle of 394 female runners in the 1979 New York Marathon. It was found that 26% of women with menstrual disorders resumed their normal menstrual cycle and 17% of amenorrhea women resumed their menstrual cycle. This is because running increases metabolism, promotes digestion and absorption, regulates nervous system function and improves endocrine function.

Temper one's will and perseverance

Running can temper people's will and perseverance, enhance toughness and patience, improve sensitivity, and promote the ability to adapt to the environment. People who persist in sports for a long time have three main characteristics in completing the quantitative work: first, they act quickly; second, they have great potential to fulfil their tasks; third, they recover quickly and eliminate fatigue quickly and thoroughly, and they can quickly restore to a calm level.

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