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Gym Running without paying attention to these things is equivalent to exercising in vain. Exercise,white exercise,no attention,these things,equal to running. October 14, 2019

Warm up first: You can't just stride on the runway, which is the most taboo of running. Walk first, then walk quickly, then jog. Before running, it's necessary to do a set of warm-up exercise. All parts and joints of the body are active.

Running should not be excessive: the amount of exercise the body can withstand is within a range, if exceeded this level will cause physical discomfort such as breathing difficulties, dizziness, vomiting. At the same time, excessive activity may cause muscle strain.

You can't sit down or squat immediately after running. Walking is the best way to finish.

Running should not be done immediately after meals: if the stomach is full of small food after meals, it will cause stomachache and indigestion, and if the stomach is large, it will cause gastroptosis.

Don't run before bed: Running two hours before bed can cause mental excitement, which is not conducive to sleep.

Not suitable for running in downtown streets: people often run in downtown streets, the first air is not good, car exhaust, dust, crowds, which is not conducive to health and inconvenience, so it is advisable to choose a forest path with good air.

Running should not wear tight clothes, try to wear casual, loose clothes, comfortable shoes.

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