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Avoid What are the dietary taboos of endometrial hyperplasia? What should we pay attention to in daily diet? Endometrial hyperplasia October 14, 2019

In addition to active treatment, patients with endometrial hyperplasia should pay attention to various dietary taboos, so as to ensure rapid recovery of the disease. The diet of endometrial hyperplasia must be light, in addition to the following aspects.

Dietary contraindications for endometrial hyperplasia

1. Avoid heat food

These foods are not only not conducive to the recovery of patients, but also may lead to aggravation or even induce complications. There are many hot foods in life, the most common are longan, jujube, donkey-hide gum, royal jelly and so on. These foods are of high nutritional value and strong nourishing effect in ordinary life.

Also try to eat less mutton, beef, pork and other meat, less seafood, such as shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish.

2. Avoid spicy food

Patients with endometrial hyperplasia in the daily diet should pay special attention to all kinds of spicy, irritating food should be eaten as little as possible, so as not to seriously affect the recovery of the disease. For example, such as wine, carbonated drinks, pepper and so on, these foods are not only spicy, but also have a certain stimulating effect on the disease, long-term consumption will lead to more serious illness.

Cautions in diet for endometrial hyperplasia

1. Light diet

Patients in the daily diet must pay attention to light, should try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat should be mainly white meat. For example, chicken, duck, fish and so on, these meat foods contain a lot of protein, but the content of fat and cholesterol is very small. At the same time, we should pay attention to the timing and quantification of three meals. Unhealthy dietary habits such as overeating are also not conducive to the recovery of patients.

2. Suitable for eating cereals and cereals

We should eat more coarse grains, which are not only more nutritious, but also very beneficial to the health of human organs. Such as corn, beans and other foods, which are rich in crude fiber and cellulose, can effectively protect women's health. At the same time, women should also pay attention to adhere to a low-fat diet, eat more lean meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits and other foods.

There are many common cereals in life. Besides corn and other foods, there are also sweet potatoes, oats, peanuts and so on. The nutrients contained in these foods are extremely natural, so there will be no side effects.

In addition:Pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of external genitals. Menstrual period pay attention to keeping warm, avoid cold stimulation. Underwear should be soft, cotton, ventilated and ventilated well, washed and changed frequently.

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