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Avoid What are the taboos of pancreatic cancer diet? How to avoid eating pancreatic cancer pancreatic cancer October 14, 2019

For any disease, dietary conditioning is helpful to patients, and pancreatic cancer is one of them. In fact, for many patients with pancreatic cancer, they may not attach great importance to diet, there is no real taboo, most of them are more casual, probably because they have not been to understand which foods pancreatic cancer patients need taboos, the following small edition will take you to understand.

Dietary precautions for patients with pancreatic cancer


(1) Should eat more food to enhance immunity and anti-pancreatic cancer, such as turtle, turtle, sturgeon, shark, mackerel, shad, snake, yam, bean, mushroom and jujube.

(2) It is advisable to eat more food with anti-cancer and analgesic effects, such as limulus, shark, hippocampus, perch, clam, snail, walnut, malt, leek and balsam pear.

(3) Eat anti-infective foods: anchovy, jellyfish, saury, clam, oyster, turtle, duck meat, water snake, mung bean sprouts, olives, black plum, mung bean, red bean, balsam pear.


(1) Avoid greasy and high animal fat food.

(2) avoid overeating and overeating.

(3) Avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy food.

(4) Avoid mildew, frying, smoking and pickling food.

(5) Avoid hard, sticky and indigestible food.

As for how to pay attention to the taboos of pancreatic cancer patients, I believe that readers should be able to understand. In a word, the diet of pancreatic cancer patients is very important. It not only needs the patient's own insistence, but also needs the supervision and care of the patient's family members and nurses. I wish all patients with pancreatic cancer a speedy recovery.

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