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Avoid What dietary taboos do children with enuresis have? Dietary Taboos for Enuresis in Children Enuresis in children October 14, 2019

Children's bed-wetting is a headache for almost every parent, but do parents know that if there is a deviation in dietary habits in life, it will also become one of the main reasons for children's bed-wetting. Now let's know which diets in daily life will increase the probability of children's bed-wetting?

Diet fasting or oligophagy in children with enuresis

1. Chocolate and Coke:The main reason is that these foods can produce allergic reactions in children, make the bladder wall swell, reduce the volume, and promote smooth muscle to become rough, spasm. At the same time, this allergic reaction can cause children to sleep too deeply, can not wake up when there is urine, leading to enuresis.

2. Spicy and irritating food:Children's nervous system is immature and excitable. If they eat this kind of food, they can cause dysfunction of cerebral cortex and enuresis. Therefore, spicy and irritating food should be avoided in the diet.

3. Salt, sugar and cold food:Polysaline polysaccharides can cause polyuria. Cold food can weaken the function of spleen and stomach. It is not good for kidney. Therefore, it should be contraindicated.

4. Corn, Coix seed, adzuki bean, carp and watermelon:These foods are delicious, diuretic and can aggravate enuresis, so they should be eaten less.

5. Limit drinking water during the day:For children with enuresis, do not excessively limit the amount of drinking water during the day. Children are required to retain urine at least once a day until they feel slightly distended, so as to exercise bladder function.

6. Drink more water after dinner:After 4 p.m., urge children to control drinking water, avoid liquid diet, and drink as little water as possible at dinner to avoid aggravating the burden of kidneys and reducing night urination.

Food Suitable for Children Enuresis

1. Kidney Qi deficiency should be eaten warm and astringent food, such as glutinous rice, chicken gold, fish bladder, yam, lotus seeds, leek, black sesame, longan, black plum, etc.

2. Those with vigorous liver and gallbladder should eat clear and tonic food, such as japonica rice, Coix rice, yam, lotus seeds, chicken gold, tofu, tremella, mung beans, red beans, duck meat, etc.

3. Dry meals should be eaten for dinner in order to reduce water intake.

4. Animal food, should eat pork waist, liver and meat and other food.

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