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Avoid Is there any taboo in uterine prolapse diet? Five dietary taboos Uterine prolapse October 14, 2019

Uterine prolapse is a very serious gynecological disease, so the most common object of this disease is working women. At this time, the weakness of the patient's constitution can easily lead to vaginal exfoliation. In addition to routine treatment, there are many taboos in their daily diet. So, what dietary taboos do uterine prolapse have?

Five Dietary Taboos for Patients with Uterine Prolapse

1. Aquatic products that are prone to fall due to cold avoidance.

Fishery products such as mussel meat, snails and crickets can cause temper injury after eating, further aggravating the condition and making uterine prolapse difficult to recover. Others, such as crabs, snakes and turtles, all have the function of cold drop, which easily causes uterine cold droop.

2. Avoid slippery vegetables.

Watermelon, cucumber, towel gourd, balsam pear, fennel, eggplant, amaranth, cabbage, spinach and other vegetables (vegetable food), cold and smooth taste, after eating will cause weakness of the spleen and stomach, make the uterus slide, difficult to retract.

3. Avoid cold fruit (fruit food).

Pear, watermelon, grapefruit, lemon, sweet orange, persimmon, banana, apricot, jujube, hawthorn, cantaloupe and other fruits are cold in nature. After eating, they will damage the spleen and stomach Yang Qi and aggravate uterine prolapse.

4. Avoid eating damaging things.

The causes of uterine prolapse are weakness, fatigue and lack of nutrition, while carrots, pickles, bamboo shoots, turnips, tea, vinegar and other foods will injure the gas, deplete nutrition, make the weak body weaker because of lack of adequate nutrition, leading to uterine weakness.

5. Avoid non-staple food that damages the spleen and stomach.

Lily and mung beans are products for relieving heat and heat, but at the same time they also have the function of damaging the spleen and stomach. Especially for people with weak spleen and stomach, they will appear weak after eating, and even cause loose stool, uterine prolapse and weakness of retraction.

Hope that women with uterine prolapse in life, must actively cooperate with the doctor's diagnosis and treatment in daily life, at the same time in their diet to actively abide by the above-mentioned dietary taboos, especially cold food is absolutely not edible, in addition, we do not have more distress and adverse emotions caused by the illness.

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